7 Booze-Free Memphis Drinks To Keep You Cool This Summer

Posted by Holly Whitfield | May 30th 2018 4126 0

It’s not even June, and it’s going to feel like about 99 degrees today in Memphis. But no worries, we’ve got splash pads and pools open and plenty of options for alcohol-free drinks (ok…some are more treats than drinks) to keep you cool and refreshed during this time of year.

1. Juices from Electrolyfe Juice Bar

2. Cool treats at La Michoacana  – the paletas are only the beginning there

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3. Jerry’s, duh.

4. Casablanca’s tea is probably the best tea in the world. You can get it sweet or unsweet, hot or iced.

5. Coconut Matcha concoction (and plenty of other iced season drinks) at City & State

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6. Pineapple green tea honey latte (and all kinds of other gourmet teas) at Cafe SereniTea

7. Lemonade of the Day at Lunchbox Eats

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Got any more favorite beverages from around town? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Babalu says:

    Babalu recently unveiled some tasty booze-free drinks! Paloma Paradise (grapefruit, soda, agave and mint) is the bomb.

  2. Mama Gaia says:

    Mama Gaia’s organic green tea lemonade is a nice booze-free summer drink, too!

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