5 Things To Eat And Drink In Memphis This Weekend

Posted by Holly Whitfield | February 16th 2018 3379 0

Having trouble deciding where to eat in Memphis? Fighting with the boo about where to eat that you both haven’t been to about fifty times? Here are my recommendations for Memphis foods and drinks to try this weekend (or anytime).

Number One

First off, I haven’t had one of these in a while and it’s hurting my soul.

It’s got soft bread (or hard bread) and whatever kind of meat or not-meat you want (including something called…Lunchmeat, or you can just get it with cheese) and plenty of toppings.

It’s the Chinese Sub Shop, also sometimes known as the Super Submarine Sandwich Shop, and it’s where to eat in Memphis.

If you don’t put chips on your sandwich, why even sandwich? A li’l bag of chips comes included with the price of your eight-inch or footlong sub. Don’t forget, it’s cash only and closed on Sundays.

Number 2

This one’s a little bit obvious this week, but I had to mention it…It’s a new beer in town that’s 9.5% ABV and even the name sounds…strong. Me getting ready to drink this beer:

My second pick for a must-drink this weekend/whenever is Crosstown Brewing’s Russian Imperial Stout at 9.5% ABV. Honestly, it’s doesn’t taste strong, it’s darn delicious, but I just like that the name: Russian. Imperial. Stout. all points to something tough.

And wouldn’t you know it, but Crosstown Brewing Memphis craft beer finally opens their taproom this weekend.  Check out this super quick video for a look inside. 

Number 3

Yes, Memphis is known for its meat, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have plenty of vegetarian options. My third pick for must-eats in Memphis this weekend has plenty to satisfy vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores. Let me say it again: you are NOT going to starve if you’re vegetarian and come to town. Vegetables are important.

Blue Nile Ethiopia Kitchen has all the wat (stew), veggies, injera (the squishy bread you use to eat everything with), skewers, lamb things, and other delicious traditional Ethiopian food. You can order in a way that’s sharable, they serve beer or BYOB wine (you can call ahead to confirm) and if you’re wondering where it is…it’s next door to the BBQ Shop on Madison.

Injera >>> utensils.

Number 4

There is a place in Bartlett that has the best bread item I have ever tasted.

Behold here the almighty Side Porch crouton.

But wait – there’s more! Side Porch Steak House also has steaks, of course, and they’re also incredible – and a good deal less expensive than most places. Whatever’s in the meat marinade is unholy savory goodness, and you can get every cut of steak plus chicken and fish.

The place kind of reminds me of my grandma’s house, the staff is super friendly, and do expect to wait 30 minutes to an hour (depending on size of party) if you go at, like, 7:30 p.m. on a weekend. Luckily they have a little bar to keep you occupied with amazing “craft cocktails” while you wait.

Number 5

I’m going to finish out with another somewhat obvious, but still worthy, pick for this week. This favorite local Mexican spot has two locations now, the original downtown and one that just opened on the Highland Strip.

¿por que no los dos?

It’s Maciel’s. The reason I mention this even though I’ve talked about it plenty is because of two things:

A) My friend Meghan suggested yesterday that Maciel’s spicy shrimp tacos ought to be added to whichever version of 100 Things To Eat In Memphis Before You Die we are on now (I think it would be the fourth edition). What do you think? Agree/disagree? What else should I add to a new edition?

B) If you don’t want to fight opening weekend crowds, Maciel’s still has their downtown location going strong and offering tamales and carnitas.

I got a hot tip from a Twitter follower on a Thai place out in the ‘burbs to try out, plus a new tamale source at the Cooper Young farmers market. Hopefully I can report back soon on these

What else are the best things to eat in Memphis? New or old, trendy or tried-and-true.

In other news…Wild Bill’s is not closed.


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