Eat This: Sausage Biscuit from Bryant’s

Posted by Holly Whitfield | August 15th 2017 3209 0

Behold the Bryant’s sausage biscuit, the most efficient way to get to breakfast heaven.

Bryant’s sausage biscuit is a simple thing, just a thick slab of sausage sandwiched in a biscuit. But much like fine scotch, Phil Spector songs and intuitive web design, simple things aren’t necessarily easy to pull off.

The sausage that Bryant’s uses is quality, but everybody knows it’s just there to serve as a foil to the biscuit, which is so fluffy that it may have been carved by the angels from a block of pure dreamy. It’s like a dense, buttery cloud, and the meaty greasausageserves to contrast, and thus highlight, the biscuit’s perfection.

Your ticket to breakfast heaven costs $1.50 (tax included).

Go there:


3965 Summer Avenue
Memphis, TN 38122
(901) 324-7494

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  1. JAMES BELTZ says:

    I want to come visit. You have any coupons?

  2. James says:

    I'm guessing you haven't had a home made, made to order, bisucut sandwich from SuperLo (Spottswood Location)

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