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Posted by Holly Whitfield | July 14th 2017 11376 0

Yesterday I had the chance to try to new menu from the revamped Park + Cherry cafe inside the Dixon. If you know one thing about me, you know I love sandwiches (evidence here, here, and here) so I was excited to see that the menu was full of them.

The cafe is open Tuesdays through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. selling pastries and coffee. Lunch (sandwiches and salads) is only served from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Let’s go through some of what I tried.

Top left: Pickled Avocado Toast; Top Right: Veggie Sandwich; Middle Right: Prosciutto & Peach Croissant; Bottom Right: Smoke New York Strip; Middle: Pork + Cherry; Bottom Left: Ancient Grains Salad. These are all sample sizes.

The cafe is super cute and is located adjacent to the 20Twelve gift shop. Just go inside the front entrance (below) and it’s to your left. There is also plenty of patio seating for when it’s not a boiling inferno outside.

If you haven’t been to the Dixon, when you enter the place from Park Avenue (there’s a red light), you can park for free either to your right or left. You can’t go wrong. You don’t have to buy admission to the Dixon to eat or shop.

My favorite was the Prosciutto & Peach, which had Gruyere, prosciutto, roasted peach, a delectable balsamic reduction, all on a flaky croissant. Here’s a bunch of them cut in half:

Also delicious: the Ancient Grains Salad with farro, quinoa, grapes, spinach, and a white balsamic vinaigrette. How often are you scraping your salad plate with your fork to get every last bite? Not too terribly often, but that was me while eating this.

Make all the millennial jokes you want, but this pickled avocado toast on brioche with cream cheese was good stuff. It was my first time having pickled avocado and it was definitely different, but I liked it.

A close second for my favorite sandwich was the Pork + Cherry, which is sliced tender pork loin with a cherry gastrique (sweet sauce) and chicarrones (fried pork belly) served hot.

The insane ending to our meal sampling was this magnificent item, the chocolate chip cookie chocolate chip cookie dough sandwich. This is what I’m going to eat on my birthday this year. It’s ridiculous.

If you want to take a look at the full menu, click here. All the sandwiches are $8 to $10 and come with a side of the day (like sautéed corn) or chips.

There’s also a full coffee menu with everything you’d expect – coffees and espresso drinks available hot or iced, and a selection of baked goods. They had a bunch of cupcakes there yesterday.

I’m not surprised the food was so tasty and interesting, since the revamped Park + Cherry cafe is run by Kristi and Kevin Bush, longtime Memphis catering veterans aka CFY Catering. In my sordid past life when I worked at the newspaper and wrote about weddings, they were considered some of the best – if not the best – in the business for creative food and presentation, and it seems that hasn’t changed about them.

Go There:
Park + Cherry
Dixon Gallery & Gardens
4339 Park Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38117

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  1. Mary Beth says:

    Thankfully, the Dixon is accessible for everyone. Tuesdays, 10 am – 5 pm, are Pay-What-You-Wish. Saturdays, 10 am – noon, admission is free. An individual e-membership to the gallery and gardens is $20 for one year. Regular adult admission is only $7, and there are reduced rates for senior citizens. Enjoy!

    • Holly Whitfield says:

      Great info, Mary Beth! Thanks for sharing. I have them included on my list of 50 Free/PWYC things to do in Memphis. One of my favorite places in town, to be sure.

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