Eat, Shop, and Drink Coffee at The Edge Alley

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Ed. Note: Despite the fact that it looks and feels like a coffee shop, they do not want you to come in and do work. Maybe they’ll be able to move to location with table service that feels less like a coffee shop or workspace, because many people do love their food.

The Edge Alley is a restaurant in the Medical District / Edge District. Get your upscale cafe eats and fancy coffees (including coffee cocktails) in an Insta-friendly atmosphere.

(The Edge District is the area around the intersection of Marshall and Monroe (near Sun Studio) on the, well, edge of Downtown.)

The “Alley” isn’t a literal alley. It’s just a space in the building next door to High Cotton Brewing (there’s a door connecting them) and essentially it’s a room with smaller rooms all around it.

There’s a cafe, some shops, and a big community table in the middle.

There’s free wifi and restrooms.

They also have a little banquette (below) and barstools by the windows (above) for additional seating.

The cafe part serves coffee and cafe-style food, including salads, sandwiches, and more.

I tried the Caramel & Thyme Latte (left) and the Iced Thai Coffee.

The tiny glasses seem typical of froufy, high-quality coffee drinks these days, and I was thirsty from being outside for 14 seconds, so I had to be careful not to gulp mine down in two sips.

However: do not be fooled; there was plenty enough flavor and caffeine in these. Will order again.

Here is some food my friend Allie ate and said was really good.

Living that good salad life

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There is plenty of parking on the street or across the street in the lot next to the building formerly known as Kudzu’s. If you’re going to visit Sun Studio, this is a great spot to stop in for coffee or food after your tour.

Go there:

The Edge Alley
600 Monroe Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Photo at the top of this page via @edge_alley.

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