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Ed. Note: I want y’all to meet Yasmine Omari, one of the organizers for this weekend’s Palestine Festival at Overton Park. Since it’s still a newer Memphis fest, I thought a firsthand account of what you can expect would be helpful – so I asked Yasmine to share her info and tips. Enjoy!

Let me cordially invite everyone to the 2nd Annual Palestine Festival this Saturday in Overton Park from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share my heritage and culture with my fellow Memphians, and I’ve been working hard with a small committee for the past few months making preparations and planning things for the festival.

We have so many cool new things planned for this year. We took results and comments from last year’s post festival survey to make it an even better immersive experience.

I made a list of a few reasons why you shouldn’t miss out this Saturday:

1. Hear new sounds
Oud and Tableh iInstruments, Singing in Arabic, Popular Palestinian Songs.

2. Taste new flavors.
Try fresh authentic Palestinian food including: falafel, hummus, tabouleh, baba ganoush, shish kababs, shawarma, zaatar bread, Arabic coffee, hareesa, maamoul cookies, knafeh, ghreybeh and more. 

3. See new things.
Witness Dabke traditional dance performance, Palestinian clothing featured in the fashion show and some of the culture booths.

4. Make new friends.
This is a great opportunity to meet some of your Palestinian neighbors!

5. Palestinian hospitality
In Palestinian culture, it’s seen as a great honor to have guests. This festival is put on by the Palestinian community and friends for all of Memphis. We want you to have a good time and we will make sure that you do.

6. Learn something new
We have many culture booths that are dedicated to learning about different aspects of Palestinian culture including a booth featuring traditional Palestinian embroidery, Arabic language, traditional clothing photo booth and much more!

7. Embrace the Diversity in Memphis
Memphis has a diverse population with so many ethnicities and cultures that often become secluded in their own groups. We need to do our best to unite everyone to work towards a better tomorrow.  

Festival Schedule 
10:00am Opening Remarks and National Anthems
10:30am Palestinian Poetry Reading (Heba Ibrahim)
10:45am Palestinian Songs with Singer Ahmed Ayesh
11:00am Musical Performance by Jonatan Gomes (on the oud)
11:30am Palestinian Songs with Singer Ahmed Ayesh
12:00pm Dabke (Dance) Performance
1:00pm Musical Performance by Jonatan Gomes (on the tableh)
1:30pm Fashion show
2:00pm Dabke (Dance) Performance

Helpful tips

  1. Bring some cash for the cash only vendors
  2. There will be overflow parking at the First Baptist Church Memphis (Poplar and East Parkway) with a free shuttle
  3. Check out our Snapchat geofilter during the festival.


About the Author
Yasmine Omari

“I wear lots of hats (figuratively, most hats don’t fit over my hair).. My full time job is at GPAC in Marketing & Education Outreach. I am involved in the following: Palestine Festival, Germantown International Festival, Young Arts Patrons, New Memphis Institute, Indie Memphis, Tennessee Arts Commission. I also do my best to help people know about all the cool international events going on in Memphis…and I am a photographer and a lover of the arts (especially film!)”

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