In 2017, I’m Looking Forward To…

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I’ve already put up a huge list of important dates for 2017 (think festivals, events, and concerts) but what else are we looking forward to in Memphis in 2017?

I asked I Love Memphis readers to finish in the sentence: “In 2017, I’m looking forward to…” You can check out some of the answers in the post below. I got excited just reading them!

But first, listen to the January I Love Memphis Podcast Bonus Clip. Kevin and I discuss some of the major openings in 2017 and other big-deal things to look forward to.

I hope 2017 is treating you right so far. 📸: @lamance

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“In 2017, I’m looking forward to ….”

Running on the Greenline – Rachael B.

Crosstown Concourse opening and flourishing – Bekah

Finding out fun things to do from the I Love Memphis Blog – Leigh

Music at the Levitt Shell this summer – Edward

New restaurants, bars, and a lot more Memphis fun – Fisher M.

The hard work and pride of Memphians continuing to build – Joey

A more unified city of Memphis – Katie

Spending more time in the midtown area to explore the dining experiences, as they have so many good choices and so few I have actually been to – Mary R.

I graduate from UTHSC, and I am so excited to start working in the community that I love – Taylor

I’m most excited to run the St Jude half marathon with my husband – his first, my second. The Memphis race series are really incredible- love the mix of people, the support of the city, amazing atmosphere and fun after parties! – Claire

All the development in the Pinch District and Crosstown. Memphis is becoming a gateway for entrepreneur. The St Jude expansion will also be huge for the City of Memphis. – Scott V.

Even though I was born and raised here I don’t know many of the nice restaurants, fancy new exhibits at museums, plays and shows going on, or any of those extra little things that make life more rich…for 2017, I’m going to try new things in Memphis. – Reagan

The new pedestrian bridge – Robert W.

March Madness in Memphis! I love that Memphis will host some regional games in the tournament – Jessica M.

I will get married to my fiancé at First Evan and reception at the beautiful Botanic Gardens. 2017 will be a great year for the Tigers, too! – Katelyn W.

My husband and I plan to explore more of the little known, out of the way restaurants on Summer Ave this year. – Dianne B.

Spring rooftop season and Memphis in May – Natasha P.

My fiancé and I are getting married in our much loved city of Memphis in June which means all our family and friends get to experience our city! – Elyse M. G.

The new Ballet Memphis home in Overton, the hopeful Wiseacre Brewery move into the Mid-South Coliseum (or anywhere because breweries are cool), and all the amazing musicians coming to our city…we may even get a Trader Joe’s! – Amber

The food!!! – Kristine N.

Showing [my husband] what Memphis has to offer! (With the help of I love Memphis!) – Lindsey

Experiencing the cultural aspects of the city, taking in the great parks in the area and meeting new friends – Anitra C.

Multiple concerts…RHCP, Garth, Bon Jovi, and hopefully an appearance by John Mayer Trio whenever he announces his tour – Tim

The Food & Wine Festival in March. [Ed. Note: she means Vintage901)] I’m all about being a foodie  And Tiger football when it returns! – Candyce L.

Walking the new areas of the Greenline, biking the new bike lanes on Memphis roads, exploring enhanced areas of Shelby Farms, photographing the beautiful change of seasons, and looking for ways to serve this great community – Jennifer

Going to more Grizzlies games and Crosstown Concourse opening – Susan

The renovations coming to the South Main area (especially the movie theatre) and the continuation of the Fourth Bluff project – Savannah S.

More football games and tailgating and Memphis in May that my sister and I have been going together for the past 3 years and spending my birthday in Memphis and going to Bass Pro cause I haven’t been there yet – Kristen N.

My son is now 10, and loves finding new things for us to see, explore, and do. In 2017, he wants us to finish marking off our 365 Things to do in Memphis list. – Amber

Trader Joe’s opening! – Roz

Positive attitudes and positive growth for our beautiful hometown of MEMPHIS – Michelle T.

Moving back to Memphis and living in harbor town. I’ve missed this city so much. – Maggie L.

Shelby Farms reaching its potential and the new brewery there – Robert

A series of great shows coming up in Memphis, including Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty. – April S.

EVERYTHING wonderful Memphis has to offer – festivals, foods, fun, and so much more! – Nat

Continually using my photography to share the beauty that Memphis has to offer – Adaryll J.

The entire city coming together in 2017 as one across all aspects and showing the world how great our city really is – Greg S.

More job openings in Memphis. Sears building will indeed bring up neighborhood more shops and just a new beginning – Vanessa F.

Helping our city learn teaching in Shelby County Schools – Kayla R.

Watching ZBo making it drizzle from the 3 pt line in The Finals catapulting the Grizzlies to an NBA Championship. (TA for MVP) – Chad

New friends, growth, and hopefully a little love – Nichole F.

Sll the new things coming to Memphis in 2017! Crosstown, south Main, and a Grizz NBA title – Lucas M.

The opening of the old sears building now known as the Crosstown Concourse – Cassi C.

ServiceMaster moving downtown – Michelle K.

All the delicious food: saucy BBQ, crispy fried chicken, and pho for days – Lydia L.

Less violence and more of us coming together and having a better understand of humanity and mankind – Kimberly

Insomnia cookies!!!! – Callie F.

My first Tiger basketball season as a student – Melody

The Grizzlies winning the NBA championship. – Joel

Redefining of the Highland Strip! Bring back the awesome ole college days – Lizzy H.

Ed. Note: Some of the answers above have been edited for length, clarity, or grammar. The photo at the top of this post was taken by Justin LaMance, via @lamance on Instagram.

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    Bren new media moving to the next level. Taking a cruise for relaxation in 2017. Always promoting on helping to make things successful. We need more unity. We can do this Memphis!!!!!

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