Rock For Love 10th Anniversary Schedule (Giveaway Ended)

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This Friday through Sunday (Sept. 2-4) is the 10th Annual Rock For Love music festival and fundraiser for Church Health Center. If you haven’t already, please listen to this interview with Rock For Love founder and local musician (and my new coworker!) Jeff Hulett.

I’m giving away a sweet VIP package for this weekend’s Rock For Love. If you win, you’ll get:

– Free entry to Friday night HiTone show
– Free entry to Otherlands show Saturday night
– VIP treatment at Sunday night’s Levitt Shell show

+ grab bag o’RFL swag from 10 years of rockin’ for love


Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite Rock For Love memory. I’ll do a random drawing on Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

Congrats to our winner, Daniel!


Lucero performs at a past Rock For Love

The Schedule

Here’s what’s going on for this year’s Rock For Love 10. You can also read this post for more info.

9/2: Friday night at the Hi-Tone Cafe: Memphis music tributes and covers. $10 donation.
Bands: Winchester and the Ammunition, Chickasaw Mound, Mark Edgar Stuart, Hope Clayburn, The Subtractions, J.D. Reager & The Cold-Blooded Three

9/3: Saturday show at Loflin Yard: Chill day show. Give what you can.
Bands: Crockett Hall, Heels, Summer Ave., and Papa Top’s West Coast Turnaround. 

9/3: Saturday, September 3 at Otherlands Coffee: Acoustic night show. $10 donation.
Bands: Me and Leah, Julien Baker, Dead Soldiers

9/4: Sunday, September 4 at The Levitt Shell: Finale throwdown. Give what you can.
Amy LaVere, Jack Oblivian & The Sheiks, Star and Micey

JJ and the Haul

JJ and the Haul at a past Rock For Love



The Swag Bag You Might Win


Hope Clayburn and the Soul Scrimmage

Hope Clayburn and the Soul Scrimmage from a past Rock For Love

Show Comments


  1. Brianna Campbell says:

    Rock for Love is such a great event for an amazing cause! Can’t wait for Star and Micey!

  2. Sean White says:

    Don’t really have a favorite memory/performance per se, as I’ve only been in Memphis for about a year now, but I can’t wait to make some memories this weekend at the shows!

  3. Baylee says:

    I wish I could mention a memory from the past, but this will be my first Rock For Love! I’m looking forward to seeing Julien Baker though at Otherlands. I bought a ticket to see her in DC last year, but my flight was cancelled due to snow and I was forced to miss her show. Stoked to make a memory with her in OUR hometown Memphis!

  4. Allison Pierce says:

    Favorite memories include supporting the community with hundreds of my closest friends! ⚡️

  5. Melanie Montgomery says:

    I’ve never attended, so I am hoping my favorite memory will be one from this year! It’s never too late for new memories!

  6. Michelle Kuehner says:

    Subteens reunion at Gibson Lounge in 2007! We drove 12 hours straight from our Florida vacation to make it to the show and weren’t disappointed!

  7. BOBBY says:

    My favorite memory is…I don’t have one, I’ve never been! I’ve always wanted to go but I’ve been out of town or had to work or something was always messin’ me up. I’m in town this year, not working this year, I want to go!

  8. Mandy M says:

    My favorite rock for love memory was getting to perform with my band on the Young Ave Deli stage! I look forward to more great memories this year!

  9. Martha Stephens says:

    My favorite memory of Rock For Love is taking my then 5 year old nephew to his first live musical act and we were crammed inside Goner Record Store up front listening to John Paul Keith and my nephews reaction to live music. I believe that was Fest 3…..he was 5 and turns 12 Wed. I have a print photo of JPK in a photo with us there. He would love to go again with me. This is a fun series of events to raise money for a wonderful cause. Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen.

  10. Martha Stephens says:

    I have only missed 1 Rock For Love event. My favorite year was taking my 5 year old nephew to his first musical event. He was 5 and we were crammed into Goner Records up front listening to John Paul Keith. After the show, JPK allowed us to snap a photo with him. Connor, my nephew, is 12 on Wed. He credits me for taking him to his first concert. Many thanks to all who help provide this great event for the Church Health Center and to all our talented , good hearted mus8cians. I will see you at this year’s ROCK FOR LOVE. Memphis is the kindest , most generous city in the U.S. #ilovememphis

  11. Kelly Patterson says:

    Hands down, Dead Soldiers 2013. We had some friends in town that had never been to Memphis and they STILL talk about the set and the entire festival. Great times every year!!!

  12. Caroline says:

    This will be my first year going–I’m excited to make some new memories.

  13. Teresa says:

    I’ve been looking for a place to leave a comment I’m not sure if this is it or not. My oldest sister has been an Elvis fan since she was old enough to know who he was. She has so many different things that has Elvis on it that she could have her own museum!!! She is the most selfless person I know. She’s been to Graceland a couple times and I was with her last year, we planned a week vacation and it was awesome and amazing!!! She’s been talking about everything they are doing across from Graceland, they were just starting when we were there. She lost her son a month before his 22nd birthday to Cystic Fibrosis and I think it would be amazing if you could possibly get me any airplane, rental car, hotel etc so we could come and see how beautiful I’m sure it’s going to be by next year. Thank you so much for your time!!

  14. Leslie T says:

    My favorite Rock For Love memory is going to RFL in 2009 – it was the second date ever for me and my fiancé and we mark our anniversary by it every year <3

  15. Keith Wiley says:

    I do not have any memories from previous Rock for Love events, but I’m hoping to have many great ones from this year! My wife, Nancy, is turning 60 on Sunday and the only thing she asked for was to go to the Rock for Love Finale Throwdown at the Levitt Shell. I would love to win the VIP treatment for wife because she is my VIP!

  16. Michael Mendez says:

    Enjoying Memphis music while supporting the Church Health Center!

  17. jerry day says:

    This will be my first rock for love since my fiancee and I are new visitors to Memphis. Hope to make a great memory!

  18. Daniel Hill says:

    In 2007, as a member of indie-pop band Snowglobe, Jeff Hulett played the very first Rock for Love festival — one-night concert to benefit the Church Health Center.

  19. Keith Wiley says:

    My lovely wife, Nancy, is turning 60 this Sunday. When I asked her where she wanted to celebrate her birthday she said the only thing she wanted was to go to the Rock for Love Finale Throwdown at the Levitt Shell. I follow your Instagram and when I saw the contest I thought this was perfect! I would LOVE to give my wife the VIP package because she is my VIP!

  20. Keith Wiley says:

    I would love to win this for my wife! Her 60th birthday is Sunday and the Finale Throwdown is where she wants to celebrate!

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