I Love Memphis August Photo Roundup + Photo Contest

Posted by Holly Whitfield | August 29th 2016 3480 0

Every month or so, I dig through the hundreds of photos that you wonderful people tag with #ilovememphis on social media and pick a few dozen to feature in a post. It’s one of my favorite posts, because looking at all the fun things that Memphians and visitors choose to share is entertaining and educations, and honestly…it always makes me smile.

To say thank you, at least this week, I picked my favorite and I’m sending the photographer, @ltaylorsmith, a t-shirt. Maybe I’ll do that again some time. Like, maybe next week. So, tag your pictures #ILoveMemphis and post them to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. I’ll be looking.

Here’s her picture. It made me laugh. That stuffed chicken is so pointless and wonderful. Someone needs to run it through the dishwasher. Thanks for sharing Beale Street through your eyes, Taylor.

Chicken ❤ Grease ❤ Salt

A photo posted by Taylor Smith (@ltaylorsmith) on

Honorable mentions go to @imkellywithay for her Burger Fest Fireball photo and @coolurbanhippie for his photo from the Black In Amurica event. You can see both of those in the collage below!

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  1. Enedena Fornazieri says:

    I love Memphis!! I love Graceland! I fall in love about Memphis! It’s so beautiful and lovely city. The food is great! I love it!

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