Support Farmers at Midtown’s Curb Market (Moved to Crosstown)

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I gave y’all a first look at Curb Market before it opened, and now it’s open for real. I took a quick tour last week on their opening day and here’s what I found:

Curb Exterior Final

curb welcome sign

Fresh cut flowers and in-season produce from local/regional farms.

curb flowers

Fried green tomatoes, anyone?

curb produce

They have all kinds of meat, from steaks to sausage to seafood and homemade bologna, which I tried. They had a sample station set up Costco-style (they’ll do that from time to time) and it was amazing. I might actually buy some soon to cook myself.

curb meat

curb interior 1

Kale yeah!

curb kale

Dairy from Turner and Prairie Farms, naturally. They also have Pancho’s dips. Keep this in mind; it will come in handy later.

curb dairy

Pickles for days.

curb pickles

The gentleman you see in the background (he was very busy and I didn’t want to interrupt him) is the one who made these cinnamon rolls. I overheard him say he’d just baked and packaged them that morning. Doesn’t get much more fresh and local than that. More on these rolls after I’ve done some “research”.

curb cinnamon rolls

This is really exciting for those who work in Midtown: Curb Market has some grab-and-go salads that are pretty reasonable ($5ish for veggie-only, $10ish with chicken). They also will have wraps/sandwiches.

curb salad

Sweet nectar of life: cheese.

curb cheese

The Curb knows midtowners need lemons and limes for their cocktails. I think this table is the only one not sourced from within the region for obvious reasons.

curb tropical

The Curb market carries quite a big selection of spices, rubs, mixes, condiments, and the like.

curb spices and rubs

They also have some prepared foods like potato / pasta / chicken salad, plus fresh pastas from Porcellino’s.

curb tubs

I tried the chicken salad, which had celery and pecans in it. It was so good I may or may not have eaten it on crackers in my car right after I left the store. Will buy again.

curb chicken salad

The Curb also carries local non-food products like soaps and cleaning supplies from the Apothecary Fairy.

curb soap

Want your Pink Diva vegan cupcake fix, but don’t have time to go downtown (she’s at 936 Florida St)? Cassie has her delicious, moist, tasty cupcakes (in lots of fun flavors like snickerdoodle and cookie butter) available at Curb Market.


An explanation.

curb local shopping sign

More info from my original post:

The Curb Market’s managers Pamela and Justin told me that the store’s focus is on local foods for the daily neighborhood shopper. It’s not all organic stuff, but it is all locally-sourced and responsibly farmed.

Justin explained that they’re not trying to be a specialty foods shop or gourmet store, but that the items available at The Curb are all “exhaustively researched” to be sure they were grown or produced with best practices. Pam reiterated that the produce will be fresh and from within 100 miles of Memphis whenever possible. This MBJ article has a few more details on sourcing.

They plan to be open Mondays through Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. They’ll accept cash, most credit cards, and EBT SNAP.

Have you been yet?

Go there:

The Curb Market
596 S. Cooper Street
Memphis, Tennessee 38104

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  1. SJ says:

    Whoa, eyeing this around lunch time and I’m 100% gonna hit them up for a salad! Thanks for scoop on that Holly!

  2. Alexandra says:

    I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost imbossiple.

  3. kayla parker says:

    OMG my mom and I love the chicken salad , it is to die for. So many wonderful things packed into this place it makes me so proud. its one block away from our lingerie boutique so we frequent the curb often ! love how our neighborhood keeps blossoming !

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