Ten Reasons To Be Thankful For Memphis

Posted by Holly Whitfield | November 25th 2015 5706 0

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, Memphis! This month’s I Love Memphis Podcast Bonus Clip is all about reasons to be thankful for Memphis: some serious, some silly. Listen to the clip below for stories about what we’re thankful for, then keep scrolling to read our list.

Cappuccino and Vegan Punkin Pie Muddy's

— Ten Things We Are Thankful For In Memphis This Year —
1. Memphis Water. And the beer that’s made with it.

2. International visitors to Memphis. They love us. They love our music, our soul, our city, Elvis, our food, and more.

3. Our Food. No explanation necessary. Just ask anyone in the half-dozen other cities that got a Gus’ Fried Chicken this year.

4. Our unique vibe. There’s nowhere like Memphis. 

5. Memphis’ wrestling history. Which made this Tweet possible:

6. That Hardee’s is back in Memphis. Kevin is not the only one who’s thankful for this. The newest Memphis Hardee’s location broke national sales records on its opening week.

7. Our ABA and pro-basketball teams history. This provides us with a chance to have awesome throwback jerseys.

8. A New Memphis Sports Debate Is Now Possible. Who’s the best U of Memphis football player of all team? Paxton Lynch or DeAngelo Williams? This may not be a fully formed debate, but at the real story is the magical year-or-so the Tigers football program has had.

9.Bass Pro Shops at The Pyramid. They helped make Kevin’s boyhood dream of getting to the top of the Pyramid come true. Also, it’s nice not to have a big empty pyramid downtown anymore.

10. Our Unbridled Enthusiasm For T-Shirts, Sno-Cones, Grilled Cheese, and Grocery Stores.

What are you thankful for in Memphis this year? Leave your answer in the comments.

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