4Dumplings Gets A Food Truck (Closed)

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Ed. Note: 4Dumplings is closed.

Even though it’s been open for more than a year, I’m sad to say this week was my first time trying the health-conscious dumpling and noodle shop 4Dumplings in East Memphis. It’s earned a spot in my dinner rotation.


The restaurant is in a small shopping center just west of Kirby on Poplar. The interior is straightforward – no frills – with a grab-your-own beverage cooler and a counter where you order.

Before midtowners and downtowners lament that 4Dumplings isn’t in our backyard, I have good news: they’re rolling out a food truck this Saturday, October 24. I have details at the bottom of this post.

4Dumplings Interior

The menu has three sections: dumplings, add-ons (spring rolls, soups, sides), and entrees (noodle bowls, sandwiches, tacos). See the full menu here. My friend and I decided on the pork and the shrimp dumplings, added on spring rolls, and also got a noodle bowl with Mongolian beef. We also noticed the daily 15 percent off specials:

4Dumplings sign

The “friends” special is if you bring in friends to dine with you. How hospitable!

First came the vegan spring rolls, which the woman at the counter explained were pan-seared, never fried. These had a nice, crisp wrapper and a good, savory filling. The sriracha ketchup dipping sauce was fine, but less exciting.

4Dumplings steamer baskets

The dumplings arrived in bamboo steamers served with small bowls of Asian slaw and a dipping sauce. True to their name, 4Dumplings offers pork, chicken, or vegan (all $8 for seven dumplings) and shrimp ($9.50 for seven).

There was something so pleasing about the presentation, the way the lovely pleated crescent-shaped dumplings fanned out in the tray, so obviously fresh and handmade. It made me feel like I was about to have a treat. Spoiler alert: I was. The perfect dough, the warm, tasty fillings…like light, healthier comfort food.

4Dumplings steamer

My friend and I both loved the dipping sauce (doctored up soy sauce with vinegar and ginger) and I liked the tart, crunchy slaw. I liked the noodle bowl, but I am not a noodle connoisseur and my friend is: he gave hearty approval of the homemade noodles in broth, topped with savory, seasoned beef and a few veggies.

4Dumplings Beef Noodles

One thing to note about 4Dumplings is that there’s nothing fried or processed on the menu. We were told that everything is made in-house “except the soy sauce and the sriracha”. There’s a real commitment to offering healthy food with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.

4Dumplings chopstick inside

Take a journey inside…a shrimp dumpling.

The other thing you should know about the food at 4Dumplings is that it’s owned by Chef Gordon Wang, who learned his cooking techniques from his family in China. In addition to being a chef at 4Dumplings, he’s also a physician, which explains the emphasis on healthy offerings.

4Dumplings is open Mondays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. There are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options, though this isn’t the spot for the gluten-free crowd.

The 4Dumplings food truck will debut this Saturday, first in front of the restaurant from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and then moving to Memphis Made taproom in Cooper Young from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. You can follow 4Dumplings on Twitter to find the whereabouts of their food truck after that. They’ll also come to your house or event (dumpling house party, anyone?)

Go there:

6515 Poplar Avenue #103
Memphis, Tennessee 38110


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