One Week Later: Your Reactions To Trader Joe’s

Posted by Holly Whitfield | September 30th 2015 22036 0

One week ago today, Trader Joe’s confirmed that they will open their first Mid-South area store in Germantown.

photo via Mike Mozart on Flickr

According to the Daily News, the store is slated to open in late 2016 at 2130 Exeter Road in a former Kroger location.

As long as I can remember, Memphians have pined away for this supposedly affordable speciality grocery store. Folks get excited. I’ve never been myself, but the fervor and happiness is so intense, I took to Twitter and Facebook to find out: exactly what’s the big deal with Trader Joe’s?

Here are your answers, in all their cookie-buttered, cheap-wine excited, or not-so-excited glory.

– Once there’s wine in grocery stores, yes, yes and yes. (Katherine N.)

– It is like if a Whole Foods and an Aldi had a baby. Huge gluten free/organic section but not crazy whoa expensive. They also have really good take and bake frozen food and a massive humus section. (Liz L.)

– Trader Joe’s dark chocolate, sea salt almonds are unspeakably good. They also set the industry standard for frozen dinners. (Michael W.)

– They have a lot of TJ-brand items that you can only get there, and lots of vegetarian and vegan stuff. (Katie P.)

– They’ve been a pioneer of the premium private label which I think other supermarkets have copied but not completely achieved. I used to like the one in NYC because they would offer delivery and they had a lot of appetizing ‘heat and eat” meals. (Alex R.)

– Meh, it’s good for weird snacks and speciality items but not much more. It’s just an overblown bodega. – Josh C.

– Def[initely] love Trader Joes. A bit cheaper than Whole Foods, but a great selection of foods/produce. Apparently, they treat their employees pretty well too. – Hugh C.

– We drive to Nashville almost once a month just to go to Trader Joes. We are super excited! They have healthy affordable quick meals, lots of great spices, after you start going there you will start to love their Trader Joe exclusive things like crackers, cookies etc. It just a very unique store. – Jack W.

(Ed. Note: Jack wasn’t kidding. He also submitted this photo below.)

Jack W. Trader Joes photo

– It’s a good way to have some unique ready-to-eat foods on hand. For a single person, it’s cheaper than eating out. For a couple or family, it’s a quick solution to a meal tonight. Trader Joe’s and Aldi are the perfect siblings if you want to keep your home stocked in between exploring local dining. (Ruchee P.)

– I’m excited my mom will no longer give me a grocery list every time I drive to Nashville. (Katie M.)

– I’ll drive out there for the Two Buck Chuck and buy it by the case.  (Chloe E.)

– Fact: I thought it was a place for hippies, but their frozen gnocchi is life changing. (Chris M.)

– I’m from CA so it’s incredibly nostalgic for me. I love it. I’m so excited. I think I feel for TJ’s the way that a lot of non-Californians feel about In n Out. I love it with all of my being while others just find it to be ok, nothing to write home about. (Stephanie M.)

– Three words: Triple. Ginger. Snaps. (Julianne T.)

– They’ll need a lot of peanut butter for all that jelly in Memphis. (Trey C.)

– It’s like Fresh Market (dehydrated green beans exist?) except you don’t want to weep at the register. (Liz D)

– I’m assuming we’ll get wine with it. Trader Joe’s has good quality produce (I’m scowling at you, Kroger), unique offerings I haven’t seen other place (vegetarian chorizo?!?) and a really good frozen food section and it’s not over priced. Plus their TeaTree solid bar soap is awesome. After living a few blocks away from Trader Joe’s back in CA I am THRILLED to have one here! (Lauren A.W.)

And I think Elizabeth E. really summed it up: “All I know is…cookie butter.”

What do you think about the Trader Joe’s opening next year in Germantown?

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