Here Is A List Of This Season’s Grizzlies Giveaways

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Question: What is the one thing that gets some Memphians more excited than Trader Joe’s, Memphis-themed t-shirts, and snowpocalypses combined?

Answer: Grizzlies Giveaway nights.

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The freebies given to the first fans to arrive at FedExForum are coveted items, and they seem to get crazier and crazier each year. Folks line up hours (and I do mean hours) ahead of time to snag a Grizzlies wrestling belt, pair of flip flops, scarf, or poster.

Here is the 2015 – 2016 Grizzlies giveaway promotional schedule.

Oct. 28 v. Cleveland (opening night) – all fans get a magnet schedule

Oct. 31 v. Brooklyn – first 5,000 fans get a mini hoop set

Nov. 16 v. Oklahoma City – first 5,000 fans get a Memphis Sounds pennant

Nov. 20 v. Houston – first 5,000 fans get jump ropes

Dec. 3 v. San Antonio – first 5,000 fans get a Tacky Holiday Tee

Dec. 11 v. Charlotte – first 3,000 fans get a Tony allen Jedi Robe

Dec. 19 v. Indiana – first 5,000 fans get Z-“Bow” gift package (I’m guessing this is wrapping paper)

Jan. 8 v. Denver – first 3,000 fans get a Grizzlies scarf

Jan. 16 v. New York – first 4,000 fans get “Mount Grizzmore #1” featuring Tony Allen

Feb. 6 V. Dallas – first 4,000 fans get “Mount Grizzmore #2” featuring Mike Conley

Feb. 19 V. Minneota – first 5,000 fans get Memphis Sounds car freshener

Feb. 24 v. LA Lakers – first 5,000 fans get Grizz Girls poster

March 4 v. Utah – first 4,000 fans get “Mount Grizzmore #3” featuring Zach Randolph

March 11 v. New Orleans – first 3,000 fans get a Luchadore Mask

March 19 v. LA Clippers – first 10,000 fans get Rally Flags

April 5 v. Chicago – first 4,000 fans get “Mount Grizzmore #4” featuring Marc Gasol

April 9 v. Golden State – all fans get a Grizzlies poster

Single game tickets go on sale on October 3 at 10 a.m. at or the FedExForum box office and start at $10. As for what “Mount Grizzmore” is, all the info I have for now is that it’s something inspired by Mount Rushmore. There’s no telling.

Which giveaway are you most looking forward to?

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