7 Movies To See At Indie Memphis Film Fest 2015

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Indie Memphis announced a portion of their lineup for the 18th annual film festival, which runs from November 3 – 10, 2015.

The festival will feature more than 100 indie films, parties, panels, and more. If you want a preview of this year’s Indie Memphis or ticket info, check out this rad video below.

Here’s a rundown of the films Indie Memphis announced today. Film descriptions are excerpts provided by Indie Memphis. Update: Click here to see the full lineup and schedule.

The Keepers – This local film will screen on opening night, Nov. 3. (Directed by Joann Self Selvidge and Sara Kaye Larson)

The Keepers is a portrait of the personalities and work of zookeepers shot with unprecedented behind­-the-­scenes access at the Memphis Zoo. A bittersweet, nonjudgmental look at what it means to find a place for yourself, working a job that you love.

Tangerine – This film, shot entirely on the iPhone, will screen on opening night, Nov. 3. (Directed by Sean Baker)

It’s Christmas Eve in Tinseltown and Sin­Dee is back on the block. Upon hearing that her pimp boyfriend hasn’t been faithful during the 28 days she was locked up, the sex worker and her best friend, Alexandra, embark on a mission to get to the bottom of the scandalous rumor

Orion: The Man Who Would Be King – This documentary will screen on closing night, Nov. 10. (Directed by Jeanie Finlay)

ORION tells the story of Jimmy Ellis ­ an unknown singer plucked from obscurity, and thrust into the spotlight as part of a crazy scheme that had him masquerade as Elvis back from the grave.

Carol – Production designer Judy Becker will make a special appearance at the screening, date TBD. (Directed by Todd Haynes)

In an adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s seminal novel The Price of Salt, Carol follows two women from very different backgrounds who find themselves in an unexpected love affair in 1950s New York. Starring Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett.

Metropolitan – Director Whit Stillman will make a special appearance at the screening, which celebrates the film’s 25th Anniversary, date TBD.

An ironically comic look at Manhattan’s endangered debutante scene, Metropolitan chronicles the rise and ultimate decline of a group of young Park Avenue socialites who gather nightly to discuss love, honor, and the impending demise of their class.

Syl Johnson: Any Way The Wind Blows – Director Rob Hatch Miller and Syl Johnson will make special appearances at the screening, date TBD.

Velvet-­voiced soul singer Syl Johnson struggled for decades before leaving the music business in the 1980s to open a Chicago fried fish chain. Since then, he’s become one of the most sampled artists in hip-hop. The list of artists who’ve used his 1967 song “Different Strokes” includes Run­DMC, NWA, Public Enemy, the Wu­Tang Clan, the Beastie Boys, Kid Rock, Michael Jackson, Jay Z and Kanye West. With a lively soundtrack and an original score by Yo La Tengo, this buoyant documentary celebrates one man who can’t stop the music.

Tumbledown – Director Sean Mewshaw will make a special appearance at the screening, date TBD.

Small town journalist Hannah (Rebecca Hall) has been struggling to write the biography of her late husband, an acclaimed musician with a devoted following, while taking refuge with the quirky protective locals in Maine. But things change when she meets Andrew (Jason Sudeikis), a brash New York academic with an obsession for tragic artists and a different take on her husband.

Want a quick preview of the films listed above? Here’s the video:

Indie Memphis events will be at the Halloran Centre downtown from Nov. 3 – 5 and 9 – 10, and in Overton Square from Nov. 6 – 8.

Passes are now available for $100 or $250 (VIP) – if you buy a festival pass, then you have a chance to secure your seats for films. Single film tickets will go on sale soon for $10 – $15. Click here to find out more about and buy your passes and tickets.

Go there:
18th Annual Indie Memphis Film Festival
Downtown and Midtown, Memphis
November 3 – 10, 2015


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