Marcella and Her Lovers “We Rewind” Music Video World Premiere

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I’m honored to bring you the world premiere of Memphis’ own Marcella and Her Lovers new music video for the song “We Rewind” off her most recent EP, The Bronze Age. Take a look and a listen!

Holly: What was the inspiration for “We Rewind”?
This song came from splattering the throb and pulse of Isn’t Anything-era My Bloody Valentine together with a second-line stomp; it was a happy accident of “wonder what it would sound like if we…” experimenting. Lyrically, the song touches (and attempts to torch) the skittishness which gets in the way of relationships and happiness, and the onward march upward, heavenward, hopefully. Another tidbit: I came up with the snaps as the intro; I was very inspired by Solange’s “Losing You” video and all of M.I.A’s videos, really.

Holly: Who are the “Lovers”?
Marcella: The Lovers are Rory Mills Sullivan, who cowrote the song with me. The incomparable David Cousar is on guitar, Dirk Kitterlin is on bass, and Lucero’s Randy Ballard is on trumpet and flugelhorn.

Holly: Why did you choose to film at Molly Fontaine’s?
Marcella: We chose to shoot the video at Mollie Fontaine Lounge because the aesthetic character of the place, that turn-of-the-century, Southern gothic mojo is 100 perfect in line with what the music – our music – sounds and feels like to me.

Holly: What was it like making the video?
Marcella: The concept behind the It was something like, “what would happen if we gathered together as many Memphis-based artistic voices, put them together in a beautiful room with wine, cheese, and a couple cameras… what would happen if we did that?” Well, we did that, and the band played the song “We Rewind” about 100 times, and by hour 3 of shooting, everybody there was feeling somethin!

If you’re feeling somethin’ for these tunes, you can buy physical copies of the album here, download on iTunes here, or email for more information or to book Marcella and Her Lovers. Also check out Marcella’s artist feature in the latest edition of The Grind online magazine hereCorduroy Wednesday Films produced the video.

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