National Burger Day 2015: Burger Post Roundup

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It’s National Burger Day, so what better time to give you a quick roundup of some of the best burger posts you can find on this blog. It’s kind of like one of those News Update posts, but all about burgers. Though these posts are from the past couple of years, I’m only including those delicious, meaty, cheesy, savory, juicy posts with burgers still relevant today.

Above: A Huey’s burger, continually voted best in town by various publications readers polls’.

Let me also say that if you’re serous about your burgers, check out the Best Memphis Burger blog. Just trust me.

Here are 10 burgers posts from the archives of I Love Memphis, in no particular order.

1. 5 Minute Food Review: Bibimbap Burger from Kwik Chek
If you haven’t been to Kwik Check on Madison, I recommend you make yourself an appointment ASAP.


2. Oshi Burger Bar: A Sneak Peek closed

Between the bacon, blue cheese, and onion jam, the Father’s Office is a flavor blowout. 


3. Best Memphis Burger Takes on the Last Burger On Earth
LBOE, short for “Last Burger on Earth”, is now open in Overton Square. Burger expert Seth Agranov offers his opinion on all the bacon-y, cheesy, meaty goodness.


4. Eat This: John T. Edge Burger at Hog and Hominy
Despite it’s formal first-and-last name, John T. Edge burger is more Soul Burger than chef’s burger.

5. Random Greek Burger of the Week

You can dispute a lot of the items on the 100 Things to Eat in Memphis list, but you’d best leave the Greek Burger from Alex’s alone.

Greek Burger, Alex's Tavern, Memphis, Tenn.

6Eat A Burger Fried in 100 Year Old Grease
As Memphians, we take our fried food seriously. Few, though, take it more seriously than the crew at Dyer’s.

7. Eat a Soul Burger

At Earnestine and Hazel’s, there is no menu. There also aren’t any choices. If you’re going to eat at Earnestine’s, you’re going to eat a Soul Burger.


8. Get in on Roxie’s, Memphis’ Best Kept Burger Secret

What really seals Roxie’s as a truly Memphis dining experience is that you’re buying food – good food – from somewhere unlikely.

Burger, Roxie's Grocery, Memphis, Tenn.

9. Head To the Farm at Belly Acres in Overton Square

The interior looks like Willy Wonka bought a farm. There’s a big, bright screen depicting a lush green field, a tractor, the other half of the yellow crop duster, a big tree, and corn stalks coming out of the walls.

belly acres 2

10. Conquer the Kookamonga

Competitive eaters have done it. A few brave amateurs have done it. If you’re going to do it, though, you may want to bring some friends.

Kookamonga Burger, Kooky Canuck, Memphis, Tenn.

11. Chef Jose’s Sirloin Burger at River Oaks
Now, I haven’t had a chance to write about my delightful lunch experience at River Oaks yet, but it’s coming soon. In the meantime, keep in mind that you can get a super delicous, huge chef’s burger at river Oaks in East Memphis at lunch. It’s ground sirloin on a homemade bun, your choice of cheddar, blue, or Gruyere cheese (I went for the classic Cheddar) and served with some seriously perfect fries.

River Oaks Burger

A few more things:
Tomorrow night, Belly Acres is hosting a special $100 burger as a fundraiser for the local Junior League. Click here to find out what makes these burgers worth a Benjamin and reserve your last-minute spot.

Best Memphis Burger Fest is on Saturday, October 3, 2015 at Tiger Lane. While it’s more about the competing teams than a free-for-all burger eating event, you should still read more about the fest here.

The list of posts above is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all the burgers in Memphis, or even the best burgers in town. I did take a stab at the latter, though, in this Thrillist piece: “15 Best Burgers In Memphis”.

Jennifer Biggs over at the Commercial Appeal wrote a lovely piece last week about burgers and the Belly Acres events. Read that here.

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