Grizz Essentials: Subscribe and Get Custom Memphis Grizzlies Gear

Posted by Holly Whitfield | February 11th 2015 10368 0

Today I met Mark and Courtney King, a Memphis couple who have decided to take their love for the Grizzlies (and the crazy amount of unofficial Grizz gear) to the next level by launching Grizz Essentials.

grizz essentials box

Since they launched this week, Mark and Courtney were kind enough to offer me a sample of the first box. I thought all you super fans and dedicated citizens of Grizz Nation would want to a preview.

There's also a discount code available just for y'all, I Love Memphis readers. Enter "ILOVEMEMPHIS" at checkout and get 10 percent off your purchase.

What is it? Grizz Essentials is a subscription box, much like Batch or Birchbox, that sends you limited edition fan-made Grizzlies-gear every month. Boxes are sent out on the 18th of each month.

What will I get? Each box will contain at least four items, plus a digital download of some kind. Mark and Courtney are working for the most part with local vendors and artists, and are seeking limited editions especially for the bigger items (painting, posters, shirts, etc.) 

What's in the first box? In the first box, I got a limited edition fan art painting, numbered and signed by local artist Adam Exelbierd. He won't be offering these paintings outside of Grizz Essentials, and the first three months will make a set of a trio of paintings (incentive to buy).

grizz essentials items

I also got a gray Grizzlies t-shirt with a nice and subtle design; the main thing I like about the shirt is the high quality. It's soft, and a nice fit, and doesn't remotely feel like it's going to fall apart. Seeing as how the whole box is $35 and this quality of shirt is usually at least $20, the shirt really makes the box worth the money to me.

There was also a sweet growl towel that says "Grind City" with three colorful buttons attached that say "Memphis", "Grit" and "Grind". Finally, there's a card with a QR code for a digital download of a Grizz-themed wallpaper background (or an option to request it be sent to you by email).

If you order by Feb. 17, this is the box that you will get.

How much does it cost? $34.99 monthly for a month-to-month subscription (it auto renews so you'll want to check on that if you just want one month), $99.99 for 3-month prepay, $189.99 for 6 months, or $359.99 for 12 months. Shipping is included. You can use coupon code "ILOVEMEMPHIS" at checkout and get 10 percent off.

How can I order Grizz Essentials? Just go to and click on "subscribe" or "join now". 

Will I know what's the in box ahead of time? Yes. Unlike Batch and most subscription boxes, the items won't be a surprise. Follow Grizz Essentials on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to stay up-to-date on future items. Also, Mark said that in the future they might like subscribers to vote on which items they want to see in Grizz Essentials

grind painting

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