This Weekend: DreamFest 2015 Music Festival

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This weekend, go to the 4th annual DreamFest, a series of music and spoken word performances by diverse local artists of all kinds of genres.

 Dreamfest 4 

What started as one night of local music to mark Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend has grown into a three-day event with lots of artists and more than 500 attendees. The focus of the event is on promoting unity, diversity, and positivity about our community, as well as showing off Memphis musicians and artists. 

DreamFest 1
From 2013's DreamFest.

This is your opporutnity to check out a ton of Memphis musicians you may not have heard or seen before, all in one night (or weekend) for a really affordable cover charge. So get over to 1524 (a newish event venue at 1524 Madison Avenue) this Friday or Saturday, or Madison Dance Studio on Sunday night for DreamFest 2015.

If you want to learn more about the artists who will be performing, check out CLE Events Facebook page, or click on the bolded links below to read artist bios – I've spent the morning reading and there are some great stories to be told.

Dreamfest 3
From last year's DreamFest.

Here's the event schedule:

Friday, January 16
DreamFest Concert, 1524 (1524 Madison Ave.), 7 p.m. – until, $10 admission, ages 18 and up
Performances by: DeJaNique, Paige Brown, LottaLox, Jeff Pruitt, Chris Hill, Cameron Bethany, JROQSOL, Tre Merit, Funkie Buddah, Memphis Mayhem, DJ DNyce, IMC, Jus Bentley, Tayy The Pro and Zane Rigo of HCxDP, Moses Crouch, R.I.C.O., Raised Different, IMBL, DJ Wyzlyfe, Fat Daddy and Friends and more. Hosted by: Ena Esco

Saturday, January 17
The Overlooked: Reloaded Showcase, 1524 (1524 Madison Ave.), 7 p.m. – until, $10 admission, ages 18 and up
Featuring TykeT, with performances by: EssTribe, Artistik Approach, Tori Whodat, Marco Pave, Devin Crutcher, Hippy Soul, Lil Cam and special guest violinist Mario Williams.

Sunday, January 18
Artistik Lounge, Madison Dance Studio at Minglewood Hall (1555 Madison Ave.), 7 p.m. – 11 p.m. $10 admission, ages 21 and up
This Sunday marks Artistik Lounge's return from the holidays, with performances by Artistik Approach and Marco Pave. Read my interview with Marco Pave here.

Go there:
DreamFest Weekend
January 16 – 18
1524 Madison Avenue / Madison Dance Studio
$10 a night

Dreamfest 2

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