Monday Morning Video: Memphis Is “All About That Beard”

Posted by Holly Whitfield | January 12th 2015 2829 0

Sometimes a piece of art comes along that’s so inspiring, well-done, and entertaining that it’s best for the rest of us just to sit back and take it in. “All About That Beard”, by Memphis-based singer Marty Ray, is one such piece. Enjoy:

The video was filmed in Memphis locations like the Bluffs, South Main, and Jack Pirtle’s Chicken. Check out Marty’s other, less-beard-related work on his website and YouTube Channel.

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  1. I love rescues says:

    Nice work, but All about that pit from Memphi's streetdog foundation is still my favorite


  2. Beards Not Beers says:

    Its good to see Pat Cox getting more roles!

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