Memphis Law Students Love Memphis! (and Savannah Guthrie)

Posted by Holly Whitfield | January 28th 2015 3934 0

In one of the most fun, simple, well done social media campaigns I've seen in a while, Memphis law students are sharing their love for Memphis in an attempt to get Savannah Guthrie (NBC Today Show host, journalist, and attorney) to come to the Bluff City as a commencement speaker in May.

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It all started with University of Memphis School of Law student and Student Bar Association (SBA) member Lacy Ward, a lifelong Today Show fan, who had the idea to both promote Memphis and have her idol, Guthrie, come to Memphis. 

In November, the SBA created "The Guthrie Board", a wall in their student lounge where students posted messages about Memphis, took photos of the messages, and posted to various social media with the hashtag #Guthrie4Gradution.

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In January, these Memphis-loving students took it to the next level with a "30 Days of Guthrie" campaign. Each day, law students to showcase the city with messages for Savannah telling her why she should visit and be the law school commencement speaker. As Ryan Jones from the U of M School of Law sayd, "the campaign is more about showcasing Memphis as a cool city than anything else." They've been everywhere from St. Jude to FedEx to the Peabody to the Civil Rights Museum.

You can scroll through all of the photos below (they are seriously so great!) and be sure to follow the SBA on Twitter or InstagramThey're doing some very cool things in the final days of the campaign and hope to get an answer from Savannah Guthrie soon. I'm sure some Retweets and Tweets wouldn't hurt their cause, if you're so inclined. 

In case you're wondering: U of M Law School reps have been in touch with Ms. Guthrie's "people" at the Today Show and she's expressed interest, but nothing is set in stone. The graduatino is May 9, 2015 at the Cannon Center and students hope Ms. Guthrie can be an official commencement speaker by attending the vent and giving 15 – 20 minutes of remarks.

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