“36 Hours in Memphis” Video Is Out Today on NYTimes.com

Posted by Holly Whitfield | January 14th 2015 6486 0

The New York Times has a travel series of videos, and today they published an excellent piece on our city. Check it out:

You can read the article here. For more info on the locations featured in the video:

Bar-B-Que Shop: website | I Love Memphis post
Beauty Shop: website | I Love Memphis post
Jerry's Sno Cones: website | I Love Memphis post
Peabody Hotel:  website | I Love Memphis post
National Civil Rights Museum: website | I Love Memphis post
Backbeat Tours: website | I Love Memphis post
Rum Boogie Cafe: website
Alchemy: website | I Love Memphis post
Paula & Raiford's Disco: website | I Love Memphis post


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  1. Teresa Becton says:

    ❤️ Memphis BBQ, Leonard's, Tops, Corky's, Rendevous.  Memphis has a lot of good food, not just BBQ

  2. Lorraine Williams says:

    I belong to the Bartlett Historical Society. We have our Gotten House, Bartlett Museum opne the 1st and 3rd Sundays from 2-4 and it's free. We have had several visitors from out of the country because they knew about us. Wish Memphis and Bartlett people would do the same. Thank you for any help you can give is.

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