Ikea Plans To Open A Store In Memphis In 2016

Posted by Holly Whitfield | December 16th 2014 2473 0

The rumors are true: Ikea is coming to Memphis. Based on the press release Ikea sent me, plus what was announced at the mayor's press conference today, here are the facts.


– Ikea confirmed late last night that they will open a store in Memphis near I-40 and Wolfchase.
Ikea is a Swedish company known for their affordable furniture and huge stores. And meatballs.
– The store is scheduled to open in Fall 2016.
– The destination retail store will be 269K sq. ft., with 1000 parking spots, and a 300-seat cafe with Swedish and American food.
– Why Memphis? Ikea reps said that Memphis is a very "livable city" with lots of potential and a viable workforce.
– Yes, Nashville is a little grumpy about this. They "might" get a store in the future.
– Now for the VERY BEST news: Ikea reports that its opening in Memphis will create 225 jobs, and according to this article, they may pay a living wage to employees. If so, these are the kinds of jobs we need in Memphis. 

And now for your (mostly positive) reactions. 

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