ILM Food & Drink Week 2014: My Top 13 Favorite Food Posts

Posted by Holly Whitfield | September 9th 2014 1258 0

There are 388 posts in the "Eat" category of this blog, but I wanted to share just a few of my recent favorites. 

Here are my top 13 favorite food posts since I started writing for this blog last October. They're listed in chronological order. 

1. Grind or Unwind at Tamp & Tap Downtown

"I went with a friend for lunch, and we ordered two sandwiches. I chose the Maxwell, which had roasted veggies, manchego, and hummus. I sometimes hesitate to order veggie sandwiches for fear of a lack of flavor, but the Maxwell exceeded all expectations." Click here to read the rest.

2. Choose Your Own Food Adventure at Greencork

"The basket arrived filled with cured meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit, veggies, salmon mousse and paté. A couple of condiments and orange marmalade rounded out the presentation. It was very pretty." Click here to read the rest.

3. It Gets Real at the Second Line

"Do you want an authentic New Orleans po'boy? Or authentic casual New Orleans anything? Go to The Second Line, Chef Kelly English's casual restaurant." Click here to read the rest. 

4. Top 10 Things I Ate in 2013: A Semi-Detailed Retrospective

Here are the 10 things I couldn't get enough of food-wise in 2013, in no particular order. Click here to read the post.

5. Cafe Keough Is Open Downtown

"It feels like a neighborhood cafe, like somewhere that has regulars who've been going there forever. The long bar/counter and style of chairs gave it a diner feel, but the Corinthian columns and tall ceilings made it more upscale. It really reminded me of some of the places I've seen in New York and San Francisco." Click here to read the rest. 

6. Skewer Japanese Restaurant Has Skewers, Ramen, Noodle Bowls, and More


"My bowl of ramen was beautiful, garnished with menma (bamboo shoot), roasted pork, and a hard boiled egg, among other things. There was also some dark oil floating in the broth; it had an interesting smoky flavor that I liked. I found out this was called mayu, and it's a black garlic oil." Click here to read the rest. 

7. Go East To Eat Southward


"The 'Clams & PBR'  from the bar snacks menu intrigued me, so we ordered that to start. We received a plentiful portion of clams in a savory broth with slices of kielbasa sausage. The clams were good, but the PBR broth was straight-up delicious." Click here to read the rest

8. Comfort Food and Comforting Hugs at Alcenia's

"Alcenia's is a soul food restaurant in the Pinch District of downtown, and the owner, B.J., is just as famous for her hugs as she is her comfort food." Click here to read the rest. 

9. April 2014 Podcast: Memphis chefs Andrew Ticer and Michael Hudman

"Memphis chefs Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman talk about their huge success in Memphis' food scene, including Hog & HOminy and Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen. Then they announce the plans for their new establishment, Porcellino's, which will offer the full butcher shop experience as well as deli sandwiches, pastries, and an espresso and wine bar." Click here to listen to the podcast.

10. Tart Has A Sweet Spot in Cooper Young

"I had the Croque Monsieur, a decadent take on a grilled ham-and-cheese sandwich. It came with a tasty cold black-eyed-pea salad that I relished even though I don't even normally like black-eyed-peas. I also tried the Ratatouille Tartine, and I've been craving it ever since." Click here to read the rest. 

11. Summer Avenue Time, and the Eatin' Is Easy

Bryant's Breakfast

Summer Avenue has some of the most diverse, affordable, and delicious food in Memphis. Here are a few spots to make sure you check out. Click here to read the post.

12. August 2014 Podcast: Kat Gordon, Founder and Owner of Muddy's Bake Shop


"We discuss how Kat's 'college insomnia baking' turned into the nationally-known, local institution that is Muddy's Bake Shop, what the journey has been like for her and her staff, and all the details of the new location." Click here to listen to the podcast.

13. Side Porch Steak House: It's What's For Dinner

"We all ordered steaks – the filets are wrapped in bacon, FYI – and they were all cooked perfectly to temperature. The secret sauce, which puddled in the plate before I sopped it up with a Magnificent Crouton, was rich and tasty, and the meat was as tender as you could ask for." Click here to read the rest. 

Which ones were your favorites? What's the best meal you ever ate in Memphis? Leave me your answers in the comments.

Author: Holly Whitfield

I write about what’s going on with Memphis music, food, arts, events, sports, people, and culture. Memphians love Elvis and barbeque with a passion that must be seen to be believed, but there is so much more to this place.

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    I love the I Love Memphis food and drink posts! I have to say, the Summer Avenue post was the tops for me– so many good eats there! 

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