Gonerfest 11 + Win A Poster and a Shirt (Giveaway Ended)

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Gonerfest is Memphis' epic gathering of punk, garage, and indie rock bands from all over the world, and it starts next Thursday. Here's everything you need to know.  

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Eric Friedl and Zac Ives, co-owners of Goner Records, decided in 2005 to bring in a few bands for some weekend shows. Then fans from all over the world (most famously, enthusiastic Australians) started appearing, and the rest is history. Eleven fests later, and Memphis is a destination for rock fans around the world every year at Gonerfest. 

– There are 37 bands from Memphis and around the world playing at five different venues over four days. The best deal is to get the Golden Pass for $70. It will get you in to all official Gonerfest events. Here's the schedule.

– The festival works like this: Opening ceremonies at the Cooper Young Gazebo (right by Goner Records) on Thursday . Three big night shows at the Hi-Tone Thu. – Sat. ($25 each night). Friday afternoon shows at the Buc ($5). Saturday afternoon "ten-band blowout" at Murphy's with indoor and outdoor stages ($10). Closing ceremonies back at the Gazebo on Sunday. Plus a few other DJ sets and such. Go here for the whole schedule.

– In their first (and only) U.S. appearance ever, Len Bright Combo is reuniting for Gonerfest. They're getting back together pretty much just because the band wants to play Gonerfest. This is a huge deal. Memphis is awesome. Get excited. Check out the backstory on Len Bright Combo on MOJO.

– If you want to get a preview of the music you'll hear, there's a handy dandy Gonerfest 11 mixtape with tracks from all the bands on SoundCloud that you can listen to here.

– Are you curious, but not super sure that you're really into the kinds of punk/metal/heavier music that usually rocks Gonerfest? There are a couple indie and pop leaning bands coming that you need to check out, including Len Bright Combo, The Stevens, Connections, and So Cow – who just released their album through Goner this week. Check out two of So Cow's tracks here and here.

–  Expect to see some international visitors hanging around Midtown and Crosstown next week. They're here to see the Memphis bands we get to see all time: Grifters, Gimp Teeth, Buldgerz, Mancontrol, Dutch Masters, Son of Vom, Nots. Get a rundown of those Memphis bands and what times they're playing on the I Love Memphis Tumblr.


– This year, Memphis Made Brewing has produced two beers in honor of Gonerfest. You can get 750 ml bottles of the Guitar Attack IPA and the GBR (Goner Blue Ribbon) at Cash Saver, Joe's Wine, The Growler, Tamp & Tap and a few other places around town (just ask). Get a full description of the beer on the I Love Memphis Tumblr.

– Another new thing this year: the first-ever Gonerfest art show. "Anyway Anyhow" features five folk- and mixed-media artists' work. The show opens on Wednesday, September 24 at Crosstown Arts from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. and is on display through Sunday. Go here for more info.

All shows are ages 18 and up. 

Go There:
GonerFest 11
September 25 – 28
Cooper Young Gazebo / Hi-Tone Cafe / Buccaneer / Murphy’s / Crosstown Arts

Tickets: $25/day or $60 Golden Pass to all official Gonerfest events

Goner Story Contest: Win This T-Shirt and This Poster (Giveaway Ended)

gonerfest-t-shirt-2014 gonerfest14-poster

Tell me your favorite Gonerfest memory or what show you're most looking forward to. Leave it in the comments. The teller of the weirdest, wildest, or otherwise most entertaining tale wins a shirt and the big poster. 

1. Deadline to enter is Tuesday, Sept. 23 at 5 p.m.
2. The winner has to be willing to go by Goner Records to pick up your prizes next week between Tuesday and Thursday.
3. In order to win, your story has to be left in the comments section here.

** Congrats Micah! Your dystopian tale won the contest.**

Author: Holly Whitfield

I write about what’s going on with Memphis music, food, arts, events, sports, people, and culture. Memphians love Elvis and barbeque with a passion that must be seen to be believed, but there is so much more to this place.

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  1. Micah says:

    Dystopia takes hold for a few days every year at Gonerfest in Memphis, TN. As rock bands from all over the country begin to appear, fans of that deity known as Rock Music sprout up from the urban streets. Different people from different cultures, united by their love of music that's a little off the beaten path, come together and foster the creation of a superorganism that feeds off guitar riffs and banging drums. It's in this melting pot of sound and fandom that the truth of Gonerfest comes out: when we embrace Chaos, we become its master. 

    As an outsider looking in, I long to join in on everything Gonerfest is and embodies. I dream of abandoning inhibition in Guitar Attack IPA and GBR and letting my inner rocker step forward to claim those brief moments of bliss that present themselves when artist and fan come together. I relish the thought of adding my voice to the crowd as I attempt to dance to the invigorating music that fills the air. It is at Gonerfest that we put aside our daily boredoms and allow all of our own rocker personas to come out to play and exist openly for one fleeting weekend.

  2. Ally says:

    I just moved to Memphis in June so I have never been to Gonerfest!  As a music lover, I am excited that an array of talent will be in my neighborhood.  Goner Records is one of my favorite spots in this town and I am happy to see that the community loves them as well.

    I'm most excited to see the Memphis bases bands.  I just moved from Atlanta and loved our local music scene.  Excited to get plugged into Memphis!

  3. Stephen Williams says:

    In all honesty, I'm hoping the Gooch Palms bring their nudity to a whole different level.

  4. Robert Brown says:

    We'll see who is Chaos' master, see you in the pit.

  5. Taylor DeMagistris says:

    I just moved to Memphis in August so I haven't had the opportunity to experience GonerFest before, and I can't wait to FINALLY make it there this year! I love supporting local bands, and the energy and excitement they bring their communities! I'm sure this years GonerFest will be one for the books!

  6. Dillon Williams says:

    So grateful for something positive in memphis! We are a diverse city made of all types of wonderful… what’s made the news lately is just a small fraction of our bad side. Our good side is so much larger!!

  7. grace hensley says:

    I got kicked in the face by someone crowd surfing during Quinton.being kicked in the face and crowd surfing are both very high on my list of grounds for an ass beating. But in the spirit of the sweaty, nasty magic that is gonerfest, I let it slide.

  8. D.B. says:

    I remember hanging out behind the Hi Tone one night with some guys who had driven up from NOLA for Gonerfest. I really didn’t know anything about the bands playing that night but I had friends going and it sure sounded better than another lonely night with Dr.Who reruns.
    I probably shouldn’t have eaten those weird looking mushrooms earlier. The first band I saw was Quintron & Miss Pussycat. Oh man! I don’t really know how to describe what I saw. It started out with a puppet show. Done with puppets that apparently got into Hunter S Thompsons stash.
    Then Quintron took the stage with what looked like my grandfathers Oldsmobile merged with a keyboard and a few painted coffee cans with holes poked in them.
    All I know is, 2 minuets into the first song and I’m sweating, jumping and dancing with everyone else in that place. It was awesome! If you ever get the chance, seek this guy out. He’s am amazing musician!

  9. Mike Waldrop says:

    One of my favorite Goner memories was the Saturday set from Reverend John Wilkins at Murphy’s – Gonerfest 8. I wasn’t sure how this would translate – a Gospel group at the end of a marathon 10 garage band afternoon. We forget Gospel is one of the original ingredients of Rock and Roll and the Reverend and his daughters gave everyone a truly SPIRITED reminder. I remember the crowd was transfixed and a visitor from out of town turned to me and said I’m not a believer but I get it – I get it!   

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