Bardog 6th Anniversary Party and Breakaway 5K: Win Entry Tickets!

Posted by Holly Whitfield | August 11th 2014 7216 0

The annual Bardog Anniversary Alley Party is back this Sunday. It's time to celebrate six years of sliders, daily dogs, cold brews and brunch specials at Bardog on Monroe downtown. It's also the 5th anniversary of the Breakaway Bardog 5K, one of Memphis' most popular races, and I'm giving away two entry tickets to the race. Read on to find out how to enter.

Every year since 2008, Bardog Tavern has hosted an anniversary blowout, with all proceeds benefitting St. Jude. They've raised about $70,000 in the last six years. Wow.

This year they're going even bigger by blocking off Monroe and turning the vicinity into a street festival with food, drinks, music by Bluff City Backsliders, Amurica Photo Booth, dunk tank, and street vendors with local artists and business owners. 

Here is my proposed itinerary for you for this coming Sunday: 
1. wake up, head downtown, and run the Bardog 5K
2. hang around for beer, sliders, and all the fun and new vendors at the alley party and festival
3. head over to Wiseacre on Broad to the I Love Memphis birthday party around 2 p.m. for cake and more beer.

Sounds pretty good to me!

The 5K starts at 9 a.m. at Bardog. For a $35 registration fee (buy here) runners get race entry, shirt, bag o' swag, three beer tickets, free sliders, and more.

If you want a chance for you and a friend to enter the race for free ($70 value) all you need to do is leave me a comment on this post telling me your favorite slider from Bardog (or Slider Inn). I'll do a random drawing tomorrow at 11:30 a.m.

Go there:

Bardog 6th Anniversary Alley Party and Breakaway 5K
Sunday, August 17
Race at 9 a..m., post-race party directly after
Street party and vendors open to the public at noon
73 Monroe Avenue

Race is $35 entry fee, Party is free to enter, VIP tickets are $20
All ages are welcome, but 21 and up to drink, of course

Author: Holly Whitfield

I write about what’s going on with Memphis music, food, arts, events, sports, people, and culture. Memphians love Elvis and barbeque with a passion that must be seen to be believed, but there is so much more to this place.

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  1. Molly says:

    The Buffalo chicken slider is my favorite from Slider Inn. At Bardog, I love the breakfast slider.

  2. Shelley Thomas says:

    Hmmmm, I'm vegetarian. I still want to win an entry to the race for a friend and me 🙂

  3. Brad says:

    Chicken Salad slider at Slider Inn is great. It may be because it's offered once a week as all are fantastic but my favorite it is.

  4. I'd love to win, but I've actually never been to the restaurant before!  I love all sliders equally though 😉

  5. Casey McManus says:

    The Lowrider slider, because who doesn't love avocado with their chicken???

  6. Andrew says:

    The Original Slider is always a go-to!

  7. Stacie says:

    Tough one — but I do love the Original Memphis. Just so simple and perfect.

  8. Kyle E. says:

    Fried egg/cheese/bacon sliders from Bardog 

  9. Kira says:

    I haven't been to Bardog, but I love The Big Deuce at Slider Inn. I tend to mix and match, btu I always get at least one of those.

  10. Caitlin says:

    The famous original memphis slider from Bardog is my favorite! ♡

  11. Sarah says:


  12. Torres says:

    1.  I have yet to meet a slider I don't love, BUT the buffalo chicken slider has a special place in my stomach and heart. 

    2.  If I don't win the free entry I might cry. 

    3.  I will see you at the wiseacre birthday party!!

  13. Lacey Nichols says:

    I love the Buffalo chicken slider at Slider Inn!

  14. Sarah says:

    I love Bardog's original slider with a fried egg! 

  15. Kristen G. says:

    I love the original Memphis sliders! 3 with some fries makes a great dinner or late night snack!

  16. Hannah says:

    My favorite thing at BarDog is the Vegetarian Burrito with the BEST french fries around. But the best slider is the Low Rider…. YUMMY!!!!

  17. Tawni says:

    The original slider is where it's at!!

  18. Lewis says:

    My favorite slider from Slider Inn is the LowRider. The sandwich is extremely tasty but is brought together by the caramelized onions and avocado. What more could one ask for.

  19. Brandon says:

    On behalf of fat kids everywhere, I say The best slider is the Big Deuce at Slider Inn. There is something amazing about a double bacon cheeseburger slider. The rest of the world would have us believe sliders are supposed to be a snack. The Big Deuce is like a giant fatty fist of love in your mouth. Only skinny kids share!

  20. marylovescarlos says:

    We love the cheeseburger sliders. Yum yum

  21. Daniela G says:

    My favorite is the breakfast slider at Bardog!

  22. Definitely the Chiknfillay slider! It's delicious!!

  23. Lindsey says:

    The LowRider from Slider Inn all the way!! Love that the event benefits St. Jude! 

  24. Danielle Howard says:

    I love the original cheese sliders. Nothing beatsnit for lunch! Not to mention their fries are awesome as well!

  25. Jake says:

    The Big Deuce or the Low Rider!

  26. Janessa says:

    The Chick-N-Fill-Ay Slider!

  27. Chris says:

    The Low Rider and the Big Deuce are my favorite! 

  28. Tammy Holland says:

    The original slider from Slider Inn.  Hope I win!!! I LOVE this race.

  29. Johnny K says:

    This Pork is a Jerk from Slider Inn has got to be the best.

  30. Christine says:

    The low rider slider!

  31. Matthew Ennis says:

    Chick-N-Fill-AY Buffalo style

  32. Brady says:

    You're doing the lord's work! My favorite slider (from Slider Inn) is the Big Deuce with an egg on top. Absolute murder. 

  33. natalie says:

    Love the Low Ridee and the eggs benedict brunch slider!

  34. Dan says:

    That eggs benedict slider from Slider's brunch – MM MMMM!!!

  35. GS says:

    The vegan sliders are the bomb!!!!!

  36. Roz says:

    Slider Inn…I forget the nane but the one with mushrooms and Swiss :)))

  37. Rachel says:

    I love the falafel!!

  38. Heather G says:

    I’ve never been. But if I win I promise to try one!

  39. Ashli Blow says:

    Falafel slider ftw. <3

  40. Reid says:

    This Pork is a Jerk! Favorite slider at the Slider Inn! Bardog 5K and alley party, what a great way to spend a Sunday!

  41. Melissa says:

    I went to BarDog for the first time this past weekend, and it was so fun! We didn't eat though, but now I'm thinking passing up on the fried egg sliders was a real oversight. It would be great to have a chance at redemption through the race!

  42. Jennifer Hoffrage says:

    Low rider! Fingers crossed to win!

  43. Robert W says:

    Has to be the lowrider slider hands down.

  44. Meghan says:

    Original Memphis.

  45. Randi says:

    Chick-N-Fill-Ay! So good! I hope I win because Bardog is my favorite bar downtown! 

  46. VERONICA JONES says:

    The ChickNFill A one is so delicious! Wish I could win LOVE Breakaway and haven't done this race yet!

  47. Frances says:

    I love FOOD…..period, so any sliders would be my favorite!!! 🙂

  48. […] Bardog 6th Anniversary Party and Breakaway 5K: Win Entry Tickets! […]

  49. Zach says:

    Have to go with the Fried Egg from Bardog.

  50. Jess says:

    Vegan slider!!

  51. Josh says:

    Buffalo Chicken Fried!!!!

  52. Charles says:

    Mix n Match w/ This Pork is a Jerk, Lowrider & Bleu Cheese

  53. Kelly Pena says:

    Original Memphis!

  54. Sarah says:

    I love their Chic-fil-a copycat slider– it's so delicious!!! (The falafel runs a close second.) 

  55. Thomas says:

    The buffalo chicken slider.. Breaded every time.

  56. MaryD says:

    I just moved here this summer and am always in search of good food. The sliders sound like a great way to celebrate my first 5k in Memphis. 

  57. Hannah S says:

    The best slider is the low rider slider….. Yummy!!!! 

  58. Jackie says:

    I've never been, so I would love a chance to be able to learn what my favorite slider would be. All the ones mentioned in previous comments sound delicious.

  59. Chad says:

    I love everything from Bardog! I don’t think I could choose just one slider.

  60. David says:

    Chick-N-Fill-Ay was awesome last time I was there.

  61. Nick A says:

    Fried Egg Sliders forever!

  62. Katie says:

    The Memphis!  Nothing better than the original!

  63. Brittany J says:

    Totally gonna have to go with the B.L.T 1-2-3!! I'd readily like to win tickets! Just started back running since having a baby, and it'd my first race since!! 🙂

  64. Phillip says:

    Gotta say Big Deuce. Love me some bacon. 

  65. Meg says:

    Buffalo Chik-Fil-A slider. Nom Nom.

  66. Christine Li says:

    my absolutely hands down FAV slide from slider inn is, of course, the one and only original Memphis slider! 

  67. Shelby Anderson says:

    I'm a traditional girl, love the classic style slider!!

  68. Caleb says:

    The pork is jerk a and the big deluxe are my favorites at slider inn

  69. Bethany says:

    Low rider all the way!!

  70. Leslie says:

    The Lowrider slider!

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