Memphis Book Alert: 100 Things To Do in Memphis Before You Die

Posted by Holly Whitfield | May 14th 2014 6602 0

Samantha Crespo is fellow Memphis lover and accomplished writer, and she generously gave me a copy of her new book (like, brand-spanking-new) today. I sat down and read almost all of it.

Her book is called “100 Things To Do in Memphis Before You Die” and it’s part bucket list, part love letter to Memphis, and part visitor guide. As she says in her introduction, “my desire is to understand a place and ultimately, intimately, get to know it…that doesn’t mean I shun the obvious attractions; it means I mix them in with spots the locals let me in on.” 

In addition to writing fun-to-read slick prose about 100 things to do in Memphis, Samantha was also very kind to list I Love Memphis as a resource in her book.

I took a preliminary count and I’m proud to say I’ve done nearly 70 of the 100 things she suggests. (A few of the things, like “Tour Stax With A Memphis Horn” I counted even though I’ve only toured the museum, not on the private tour like she went on and wrote about here and in her book.) 

Of the things she listed that I had done, I think my favorites were #13 “Haunt Ernestine & Hazel’s, #51 “Art Walk — South Main Historic District”, and #92 “Contemplate…Karen Carrier’s Restaurants and Bars”.  

Still on my list of things to do in Memphis before I die? Out of the 30 or so left, I think #10 “Toast to the Music — Old Millington Winery”, #54 “Look Though Ernest Withers’ Lens”,  and #60 “Feel the Vibration [at the] Memphis Drum Shop” are on the top of my list.

You can purchase Samantha’s book, “100 Things To Do in Memphis Before You Die” at local bookstores like Novel and Burke’s Books!

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  1. Claire says:

    What about Burke's and Booksellers at Laurelwood?  Are they going to carry it?


    • Holly Whitfield says:

      Samantha just added Booksellers at Laurelwood today and I updated this post. I’m not sure about Burke’s but she’ll keep things update on her site and I’ll update here if I hear anything!

  2. Alana says:

    No chance of it being published as an ebook? Would love to read it before we come over in October (from Australia).

  3. Sam Crespo says:

    Yes to Burke's…#57 in the book! Thanks for asking, Claire. 

  4. Sam Crespo says:

    Alana, if you want to send me a contact email address for you, I'll keep you posted on the publisher's plans for an e-book: samanthacrespo(at)gmail.com. I'd love to help you before your trip!

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