Photo Roundup: Chalk Art Fest, Reading Flash Mob, St. Patrick’s Day, and a Cabbage.

Posted by Holly Whitfield | March 18th 2014 1975 0

The last week or so in Memphis has been a busy one. Here are some of your photos from various activities around town, plus St. Patrick's Day. 
First, we have some from the Brooks Museum's Chalk Art Festival and Literacy Mid-South's Reading Flash Mob, plus your usual Memphis photos tagged #ilovememphis. Looking for more spring Memphis events? Go here. 


Memphis started celebrating St. Patrick's Day late last week and went into late last night, I'm sure. Here are some of your and my photos, most from the Silky O'Sullivan's St. Patrick's Day Parade on Beale Street on Saturday afternoon. Fun fact: the crown that Grand Marshall Mayor A.C. Wharton is wearing in the 2nd picture was made by the artists at Memphis' National Ornamental Metal Museum. 

Throwing cabbages (and potatoes) is a tradition at many St. Patrick's Day parades. The idea is that you then use these veggies to cook yourself up an Irish stew. While the Beale Street Paraders threw plenty of beads and some candy on Saturday, a few folks did toss cabbages, and my crew and I managed to catch one.
We then proceeded to carry this thing all around downtown, where we happened to run into a few Memphis celebrities – which is one thing I love about Memphis – people's accessibilty and friendliness. None of this was planned, we simply found these Memphians at work that afternoon. The following photos were taken by @therealbenfant (thanks Ben!)

The Peabody Ducks were not amused by the cabbage. (P.S. Have you seen the Google Glass video of the ducks? Check it out here.)
Hal Lansky, owner of Lansky Bros. clothing store in the Peabody Hotel, was ready to get in on the St. Paddy's Day festivities. Read more about Hal here and about Lanksy Bros. and sister store Lanksy 126 here. 

Here's me with the cabbage and Shawn, owner of Kooky Canuck on 2nd Street downtown (Memphis' only Canadian restaurant). Our pose is inspired by the Kookamunga Burger Challenge, which you can read more about here. 
At some point, the cabbage grew a face. Then we ran into Michael Donahue, Party Line columnist for the Commerical Appeal, who kindly obliged us with a photo.
While this cabbage didn't make it into a stew, it did have a long, exciting life on Saturday. Thanks again to the guys who were good sports with photos and to everyone who tags their photos #ilovememphis. You're helping spread the word to Memphians and out-of-towners alike how much fun we have here.  

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  1. That's hilarious! Awesome pictures from a fun weekend!

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