Erin’s Favorite #MemphisShared Instagrams (Guest Post)

Posted by Holly Whitfield | December 18th 2013 2240 0

(Ed. Note: Here's a guest post from Erin Williams, who has a teaser on a very cool crowd-sourced exhibit that's on display at the Brooks Musuem until January 12. Read, go see, enjoy.)

Photo via @iamjoeymiller by way of @brooksmusem on Instagram.

In the #memphisshared exhibition at the Brooks Museum of Art, 192 Instagrammed images taken in and around the city showcase everything from familiar landmarks (such as the Lorraine Motel) to the everyday (summer days spent lounging pool and/or lakeside). When you take the time to check it out, see if you can find these eight standout images that are dispersed across each section:

The one of the watermelon float by @iamjoeymiller

The one of the bunny drinking from a Starbucks cup by @tkatg

The one taken on a hot day at Otherlands by @pniqolh

The one of a fresh slice of cheesecake by @misskatiedi

The one of the man dressed in a flamingo costume by @iamjoeymiller

The one of the Post-It Note by @tootsiebell

The one of the fallen angel by @mhgurley

The one of the ferris wheel by @loganbutler1

Photo via @misskatiedi by way of @brooksmusem on Instagram.

After you take a spin around the gallery, you just might feel inspired to start snapping away at the figures and factions you encounter in your daily life, or find a few more profiles to follow. Whatever you take, don’t be afraid to #share!

#MemphisShared will remain on view through January 12.

Erin Williams is a multimedia journalist who recently relocated to Memphis. She is a contributor to the Memphis Flyer and blogs for the Brooks Museum, among many other projects. You can follow her on Twitter @_ErinWilliams_.

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