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Posted by Holly Whitfield | September 10th 2013 5239 0

Ed. Note: Hey, it’s Kerry. I want you guys to meet Holly. She’s taking over for me at the end of the month and will be posting here regularly until then. Y’all make her feel welcome, ok?

Hi, I’m Holly. This is me smiling because I am very happy to be the new I Love Memphis blogger.

I have some big shoes to fill. The ultra-talented Kerry (whose shoes are actually small and cute) helped ignite a passion for Memphis by sharing parts of this city, big and small, that are lovable.

Now that she’s leaving, I have a few words for her dear readers: do not panic. The I Love Memphis blog isn’t going anywhere except full speed ahead. Thank you to those who have sent supportive messages to me already. Y’all are great, and I mean it.

A little bit about me: I grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I moved here eight years ago to go to The University of Memphis, and I stayed. A few years ago, someone asked me where I was from, and I said “Memphis” without thinking. ‘Twas a magical moment.

I’ve been a restaurant server, writer, graphic designer, and most recently the Editorial Director for several local magazines. The very first interview I ever did after college was a joint-interview and photo shoot with Josh Pastner and Lionel Hollins – talk about learning to swim by jumping in the deep end.

When I’m not working (but I’m probably working) I like to write, design, and draw things, experiment with juicing recipes, argue about television like it’s real life, and contribute absolutely nothing to my trivia team The Varsity Squid.

In the eight years that I’ve lived here, things have changed, sometimes slowly, sometimes at lightning speed. The main difference I see: It’s no longer revolutionary to declare “I Love Memphis” in public. We know something’s going on, and our friends (and critics) know it. We have a unique opportunity with this momentum to define ourselves as a city. What are we going to say?

Who are we, and what can we offer folks who come from across the country – and the world – to this bluff city? Most importantly, what can we offer each other?

I want to know. As the venerable Geoff Calkins recently wrote in the Commercial Appeal, “Loving Memphis shouldn’t be just words”, so please, tell me about people you know who are acting on their love for the city.

Tell me what you know and love about Memphis and what’s going on. What are you doing, seeing, eating? Drop me a line here or leave a comment and let me know what you’d like to see on the blog. I’m here to help, so don’t be shy.

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  1. sleepy says:

    Hey that picture is beside my work. Next time your in say hi and we can give you sone material to write about.

  2. Amber Anna says:

    I love that "I Love Memphis" is no longer a revolutionary thing to say – looking forward to your writing, Holly, even if I'm sad (but happy for her!) that Kerry is leaving! 

  3. Chantal says:

    Welcome Holly! We look forward to working with you and reading all of the interesting things you have to say(or write).

  4. Fancy McGee says:

    I'm glad you said "don't panic."  I found that very reassuring.  So glad to have you here, Holly!!

  5. Pookie says:

    welcome Holly…we love memphis!

  6. K-News says:

    Thankful for what Kerry has built, excited to see how Holly continues it!

  7. Tim Friday says:

    Welcome aboard Holly, congratulations on the new gig!

  8. James says:

    you go Holly glad you stayed here in Memphis

  9. Geoff Calkins says:

    Venerable? Doesn't that mean, like, old? But I'm sure you'll do brilliantly anyway.

  10. Julie says:

    I love Memphis too! It kind of scares me that you call Geoff Calkins 'venerable,' because I think he is my age, but you should not miss the Cooper-Young Festival on Saturday. There is truly something for everyone. EVERYone. 

  11. Gardner says:

    Congratulations, Holly! So excited for you.

    Also: VARSITY SQUID!! 


  12. Dave says:

    Welcome Ms. Holly 

  13. Jerry Bowman says:

    I love Memphis and we all have loved having Kerry share her love and thoughts about our amazing city. Welcome aboard and I look forward to your keeping this spirit alive and well! All the best!

  14. Angie says:

    Welcome! Don't forget about the suburbs!

  15. stephen_od says:

    Welcome! Kerry made me realize how much I love my city, I am confident you will do great!

  16. Andrew says:

    Welcome aboard, Holly! I grew up about an hour outside of Hattiesburg.Cool stuff! You'll do great!

  17. Amanda Hill says:

    Welcome Holly! Looking forward to your posts and insight into our wonderful city 🙂

  18. Lynn B. says:

    Just found out from Reddit Memphis that Kerry is leaving & there'll be a new writer at the helm. Welcome! Looking forward to your unique take on the city.

  19. Good morning! I'm writing to you because I do love Memphis and also because I do have a written work that features the exciting city. Memphis, TN is very well represented in the novel To the Swift.


    Daniel and Monica LeBlanc move from Breaux Bridge, LA to Memphis, TN. The couple and all of the main characters live and work in Memphis. Their out of town guests stay at the Madison Hotel. They visit the Children's Museum, Stax Musuem, the FedEx Forum and other locales. The characters in the book dine at Felicia Suzanne's, King's Palace Cafe, Interstate Barbecue, Blue Plate Cafe on Poplar Street and many other Memphis dining establishments. Monica finds a job working for a hotel on Poplar Avenue. Daniel takes a drive down Summer Avenue after visiting a friend and lots of activity takes place on Poplar Avenue as well as a scene on Radford.

    Did I mention that I love Memphis! It's one of the coolest cities that I've ever lived in.

  20. […] Memphis met new I Love Memphis Blogger, Holly. […]

  21. Lance says:

    Congrats and welcome. Have fun on the job and that will come out in the writing. This is a great resource for Memphians and visitors alike. I've talked to a few CVBs in other cities about the power of bloggers and they were really amazed to hear about this blog. It's doing great things for the city.

  22. Tracy says:

    Welcome Holly! I look forward to your postings. I visit this site multiple times a week and love all the news and information I get here.  My husband and I relocated here last year….and we love Memphis! Period.

  23. cjofMemphis says:

    As I wrote on the Reddit site, 'was wondering if the position opening was made available to the public. I am in now way trying to take away from Holly but the gap between the Farewell message and the "Meet Holly" message was pretty short. I think it would have been nice to open up the opportunity to all interested "I Love Memphis" writers/bloggers. I have no issue with her age, color, sex, etc. Simply in the spirit of fairness, if it had not been done, I believe the position should have been advertised. If it was, I apologize for the oversight. 'Wishing the blog continued success!

  24. cjofMemphis says:

    *no way…(please pardon the grammatical error!)

  25. gerkmarie says:

    Yay, Holly!  Your CA family will be eagerly tuned in. 🙂

  26. Holly, are you still writing for this? I return back home to Memphis this coming week from California. Are you free to talk Memphis in person?




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