Tuesday News Update: People’s Champion Rap Battle Edition

Posted by Holly Whitfield | August 20th 2013 1723 0

Happy Tuesday!

Today in Memphis, we've got even more businesses opening in Overton Square, good news about our cost of living and high praise for Valerie June. Also, someone has found the shiniest car in all of Memphis.

All of that (and more) is in today's Memphis news update:


People's Champ Rap Battle photo by Instagrammer @tronchin. If you'd like to see your Memphis Instagram photos featured here, tag them #ilovememphis.

– There's even more stuff opening in Overton Square: Jimmy Ishii (of Sekisui) is opening a noodle shop; a taco / tapas joint called Babalu is taking the old TGI Friday's space; and Gould's is opening a day spa.

– If you missed the annual Elvis Week Candlelight Vigil (aka, the best part), the Flyer's got a photo gallery of the best street shrines.

– We're cheap! According to Council for Community and Economic Research, Memphis has the fourth-lowest cost of living in the entire country. Now go celebrate with a $2 beer.

– This isn't Memphis, but it's cool: some mix-master genius slowed Dolly Parton's "Jolene" down by 25 percent and made it 50 percent more awesome.

– A local Redditor has found the shinest car in all of Memphis. Behold.

– She may not live in Memphis anymore, but bluesy singer Valerie June still claims us, and we should still claim her, as she's been everywhere lately: the New York Times, NPR, Letterman. Congrats, Valerie!

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  1. Paige says:

    The shiny car belongs to one of the guys at the Rendezvous. 🙂

  2. Tim Friday says:

    Thanks, I can't wait to try Jimmy Ishii and the other new spots at Overton Square

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