Monday News Update: First Day of School Edition

Posted by Holly Whitfield | August 5th 2013 2251 0

Happy Monday!

Today in Memphis, we head back to school, get D-ed up by Tony Allen, and consider the fancy new Midtown Kroger. Also, Kanye West has his eye on Graceland.

All of that (and more) is in today's Memphis News Update:

mancontrol, Crosstown Arts, Memphis, Tenn.

I took this at the <mancontrol> show at Crosstown Arts on Saturday night, before the show started (and the lights got set in motion). If you'd like to see your Instagram photos feaured here, tag them #ilovememphis.

– Happy first day of school to all of the kids, teachers and parents who are headed back today. Hope it's been a great one.

– I know this story is a couple of days old, but Tony Allen's methods of coaching his basketball camp are hilarious. First team all D!

Panama is next year's Memphis in May Honored Country.

A British tabloid is reporting that Kanye West wants to buy Graceland for Kim Kardashian, which leads me to believe that he's never seen Graceland (it's not nearly as big as you'd think it would be). 

– In other property news, Prince Mongo might be willing to part with the Castle, as long as it's on his terms.

– And speaking of Elvis, check out this cool hand-drawn map of Elvis-related places.

– Attention, fans of Emerald Thai Restaurant: it's moving from Mt. Moriah to Highway 64 in Lakeland.

Here's a sneak peek at the new Midtown Kroger. Fancy!

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  1. Phill Sims says:

    Is Kim even interested in Graceland?  Not like the owners of Graceland are going to go for this anyway….SMH!

  2. Kalisa says:

    Lisa Marie tweeted that Graceland and everything in it "is, and always will be, mine." So I guess that's the final word. Kim don't want that house. 

  3. snarky says:

    Fancy Kroger?  Just another big box full of white bread and soda.  Meh.

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