God Bless Amurica: Jamie Harmon’s Photo Booths Get a Permanent Home

Posted by Holly Whitfield | August 7th 2013 2564 0

Jamie Harmon's beloved Amurica Photo Booth isn't coming off of the streets any time soon, but it is getting a permanent home in Crosstown.


If you've gone to a special event or private party in Memphis in the past few years, chances are good that you've seen the photo booth, which is housed in a vintage camper. You've probably crammed inside it with a half dozen of your friends and smiled for photos while donning silly hats, holding baby dolls or wearing masks. It's whimsical and silly, sure, but it's exactly the kind of whimsical silliness that Memphis (and, really, the world) needs more of.

And we're about to get it. This fall, Harmon is opening a permanent storefront for his photo booths in Crosstown, next to the new Hi-Tone.

"A storefront seemed like the next phase for many reasons. Calls from travelers, bands or locals wanting to know where they could come visit Amurica prompted me to rethink allowing everyone to constantly visit my backyard," Harmon told me.

He plans to use the space as a combination photo booth, photography studio, classroom and venue. "The photo booths will be inside the building for people who want to plan a visit", he said. "The new space will allow anyone to come check them out on their own schedule".

Right now, the goal is to have the space, which will be named Amurica Memphis, open for business by mid-September. The hours aren't set yet, but Harmon says he's planning to be open limited hours during the week with more extended hours on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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  1. taryn says:

    I keep sending people over to Minglewood Hall to see Sons of Mudboy.

    There is never anyone there. Is there a way that things that are not happening

    can be removed from this calendar?  It's a bummer when someone takes a cab

    to an empty hall.

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