Save the Date: The Big Star Movie Premieres in Memphis This Week

Posted by Holly Whitfield | July 8th 2013 1799 0

This weekend, a legendary but lesser-known Memphis band is finally playing in front of a massive audience. "Nothing Can Hurt Me", aka, the Big Star documentary, is being released in theatres (including Studio on the Square) on Friday. 


For the uninitiated, Big Star, which the movie poster aptly calls "the greatest band that never made it" was a power-pop band that was born in Memphis in the 1970s. They've influenced everyone from the Replacements to Teenage Fanclub and Wilco, and most of their songs are perfection.

Despite all of their influence and critical acclaim, Big Star never actually made it big. For years, they've been one of those bands whose songs are passed around among friends, blared on long drives and traded on mix-tapes from boys to girls (or in my case, vice versa).

Now, with the release of "Nothing Can Hurt Me", they're about to get a little bit bigger. I hope.

The documentary, which features archival footage, photos, interviews with members of the band, Ardent Studio employees, people who were influenced by Big Star, and a host of Memphians you'll probably recognize, follows the band from its creation to frontman Alex Chilton's death in 2010.

You can catch it in theatres around the country starting this weekend, including Studio on the Square in Memphis.

What: "Nothing Can Hurt Me" (aka, the Big Star documentary) Theatrical Release

Where: Studio on the Square

When: July 12 – 18th

How much: $10

For more info and show times: go here.


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