Recommended Listening: “3 July” by Scissors and the Cuts

Posted by Holly Whitfield | July 9th 2013 1903 0

Every summer needs a soundtrack, and "3 July" by Memphis band Scissors and the Cuts is quickly becoming mine.


Brent Stabbs (aka, Scissors – the Cuts are members of Tiger High) has managed to make the perfect sountrack for driving around with the windows down, shooting bottle rockets or porch drinking. This is swimming pool music.

The songs, which are primarily about girls, cars and garden variety summertime mayhem, are nostalgic without being treacly and sentimental. Though Stabbs has sworn that he doesn't write autobiographically, some of the details in the lyrics seem too precise to be fiction. 

Recommended listening: Track four, "In My Car"

Get the record here.

Author: Holly Whitfield

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