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Posted by Holly Whitfield | July 2nd 2013 3056 0

Juzemibaby's fresh, homemade juices might be the healthiest delivery / take-out option in Memphis.

Juzemibaby juices

Juzemibaby (which I think is pronounced "juice me, baby") is a Memphis-based mobile juice and smoothie shop. 

The juices come in eight flavors, all made to order with fresh fruits, vegetables and greens. I'm a bit skeptical of juices made primarily with vegetables, so I ordered the Melon Party, Bright Light, Watermelon Breeze and What's Up, Doc, which are all primarily made with fruit.

My favorites were the citrusy Bright Light and the super refreshing Watermelon.

All of the Juzemibaby juices come in two sizes – 8 oz. for $3.50 or 16 oz. for $6.75 – which make them some of the most affordable fresh juices in Memphis. Mine have kept pretty well over the week, so it's safe to order a few at a time (just be sure to shake them before you drink them).

You can place orders online (like I did) or by phone, and when they're done, you'll get an email or a call letting you know that they're ready to be picked up. Since Juzemibaby has no brick and mortar location, they've got a handful of pick-up spots. I didn't know this, and after going back and forth with the shop owner, trying to find a good time for me to come get them, she finally just delivered them to my house, which was very sweet of her.

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  1. memphis88 says:

    When you search for juzemibaby the first option that comes up is, which lists the same juice options but with pick-up locations at several places in London, Paris and Barcelona. Same company?

  2. Juzemibaby says:

    Hey, our website is under construction. If you would like to order Juice, please log onto:

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