Locally Made High Cotton Beers Now Available in Bars

Posted by Holly Whitfield | June 5th 2013 2697 0

With three new craft breweries opening in Memphis in the next few months, 2013 is going to be an excellent year for locally-made beer.

It's going to be a while before Wiseacre and Memphis Made are up and running, but the third brewery, High Cotton, now has its beers available on tap in a handful of Memphis restaurants.

High Cotton Saison, Memphis, Tenn.

Currently, High Cotton is offering three different kinds of beer: an ESB, a Scottish ale, and – my favorite – a summery, citrusy Saison (pictured).

Here's where you can find High Cotton beers on tap:

– Aldo's Pizza
– Bardog Tavern
– Brass Door Tavern
– Central Barbecue (Downtown)
– Ciao Bella
– Kudzu's
– The Mad Earl
– Slider Inn

Have you tried High Cotton's beer yet? What did you think?


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  1. Phill says:

    Had the Irish Ale @ Slider Inn last night and it was quite tasty!

  2. seth says:

    Love, love, love it. Ghost River and Boscoes are good, but High Cotton steps it up a notch. And, they are committed to brewing unique beers and not just the standards. Memphis is on its way up in the brewing world.

  3. I had the liberty of tasting a lemon pepper beer that we had at MemFeast, and it was amazing! Go High Cotton!

  4. David T. says:

    I tried the Saison at Aldo's, and it was excellent; that said, I had a Ghost River Copperhead Red during the same session and it was equally tasty (albeit completely different). I like to think of the two breweries, and the two on the way, as players on the same team: even if they're competing for the starter's role, so to speak, they probably realize that their fortunes are bound together, especially in a market with so few breweries. 

  5. Jan says:

    Add Mortimer's to the list! (High Cotton Scottish Ale)

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