100 More Things to Eat in Memphis (2013 Edition)

Posted by Holly Whitfield | June 12th 2013 17229 0

Last year, with the help of the Memphis Yelp community, I made a list of 100 things you should eat in Memphis. This year, I’ve taken your suggestions for things that were left off of last year’s list, added a few new favorites, and voila!: here are 100 More Things to Eat in Memphis.

1. After School Scooby Snack from Lunchbox Eats

2. All the cheese (as in, the cheese menu sampler) from Bari

3. AM Breakfast from Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen

4. Bananas Foster from Deja Vu

5. Bar popcorn from South of Beale

6. Barbecue nachos from FedExForum

7. Benton’s Bacon from all kinds of good places (Iris, Andrew Michael, Hog and Hominy)

8. Banh mi from Pho Saigon

9. Black cherry milkshake from Sweden Kream

10. Brussels sprouts from Alchemy

11. Bubble tea from Asia Palace

12. Buffalo deviled eggs from Eighty3

13. Buffalo pig tails from Hog and Hominy

14. Burger (fried in 100 year old grease) from Dyer’s Hamburgers

15. Carne Asada Fries from Elena’s Taco Shop

16. Ceviche from Playita Mexicana

17. Cheesecake from Aldo’s Pizza Pies

18. Chef’s TV Dinner from River Oaks Restaurant

19. Chicken Hash from Calvary Waffle Shop (open annually during Lent)

20. Chicken wing pizza from Ski-mo’s

21. Chocolate covered pineapple from Dinstuhl’s

22. Key lime chocolates from Chocistry

23. Cold sesame noodles from East Tapas

24. Combo Duet No. 1 from Kabob International

25. Cookie sliders from Bluff City Coffee

26. Corn fritters from Bar DKDC

27. Corn ice cream from La Michoacana

28. Crab eggs benedict from Cafe 1912

29. Deep dish apple pie from Sweet Grass / Sweet Grass Next Door

30. Any of the dessert shot glasses from Majestic Grille

31. Drunken noodles from Bangkok Alley

32. Elote from Las Tortugas Deli Mexicana

33. Ezekiel bread from Bluff City Bakery

34. Falafel from Al Rayan

35. Fino sandwich from Fino’s

36. Flaming Fireball of Freedom from Kiwk Chek

37. Fried oysters from Flying Fish

38. Fuul from Derae Restaurant

39. Ginger donuts from Tsunami

40. Green detox juice from Cosmic Coconut

41. Green goddess popcorn from OC Vegan (sold at Whole Foods Poplar)

42. Halo Halo from VGM Market and Deli

43. Hey Meat! pizza from Memphis Pizza Cafe

44. Hibiscus mint popsicles from Mama D’s

45. Home fries from Brother Juniper’s

46. Homemade cinnamon rolls from Shoaf’s Loaf

47. Honey butter biscuits from Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken

48. Honey gold wings from Bosses

49. Honey rosemary cookies from Muddy’s Bakeshop

50. House chips from Central Barbecue

51. Jerk chicken skewers from Side Street Grill

52. Juantons from Chiwawa

53. K-Pie from Paulette’s

54. Kanisu roll from Ryu

55. Kobe beef gnocchi from Ciao Bella

56. Kobe beef noodle soup / vegetarian noodle soup from Beauty Shop (They’re the same soup, but one has meat and the other doesn’t.)

57. Kookamonga Burger from Kooky Canuck

58. Lacey Special from Little Tea Shop

59. Lardo from Bari

60. Late-night ramen noodles from Hog and Hominy

61. Lemongrass tofu from Pho Hoa Binh

62. Live burger from Balewa’s

63. Lobster knuckle sandwich from Restaurant Iris

64. Lotus wrapped chicken and rice from Asian Palace

65. Lunch buffet at Bharat Indian Restaurant

66. Macarons from Pistache Pastry

67. Mango lassi from India Palace

68. Maple bacon blondie from Local Gastropub

69. Maple bacon donut from Gibson’s

70. Mapo tofu from New Asia

71. Mascarpone gelato from YoLo

72. Pancho’s cheese dip from just about any local grocery store

73. Peppermint patty from Felicia Suzanne’s

74. Potato salad from Bogie’s Deli

75. Potato soup from Huey’s

76. Pretzels with cream cheese and mustard from Flying Saucer

77. Ramen noodles from Edo

78. Ribs from Alex’s Tavern (Best in the city, according to me.)

79. Cheese pizza from Rock’n’Dough

80. Ropas Vejas from Havanas Pilon

81. Salmon cakes and grits from Evelyn and Olive

82. Santa Fe Wrap from Elliot’s

83. Sausage and cheese plate from the Rendezvous

84. Scotch eggs from Celtic Crossing

85. Sea salt caramels from Shotwell Candy

86. Smoked sausage from Payne’s Barbecue

87. Steak on a stick from Stick’em Food Truck

88. Swedish crepes from Stone Soup Cafe

89. Sweet potato cobbler from Alcenia’s

90. Tacos el pastor from Caminos de Michoacan

91. The Other Side pizza from Aldo’s Pizza Pies

92. Tom Yum Soup from Shanghai

93. Tomato bleu cheese soup from Booksellers Bistro

94. Tuscan butter from Spindini

95. UFOs from Arepa & Salsa

96. Vietnamese pancake from Saigon Le

97. Water ice (any flavor) from Parker’s Water Ice

98. Yuk Gae Jang from Crazy Noodle

99. Yum Scallops from Jasmine

100. Zydeco Wings from Bayou Bar and Grill

What else needs to be on the list? If you need more suggestions / don’t see your favorite thing listed here, check the other list first.



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  1. Elise says:

    Buffalo Tenders- kooky Canucks (best I've ever had)

    Redbirds roll from Bluefin

    Chicken, bacon, onion flatbread from Majestic Grille

    Bar Fries from Local Gastropub

  2. JWo says:

    I gave my wife the original 100 Things to Eat in Memphis last night and she spent over 2 hours looking up the menus at all the places.

    Well, techincally she only made it through #25 so now I have that AND this to look forward to… HAHA…

    But at least we now have a Memphis Food Bucket List to start working through.

    Thanks again!

  3. Lauren says:

    The Italian Spinach at The Cupboard! 

  4. Molly says:

    Love this! Here are a few more to consider for your next 100. Loaded grilled cheese ( bacon, arugula and tomatoes) from Fuel Food Truck. Black bean hummus, spicy chick peas and brown rice and Italian spinach from Cooper Street 20/20

  5. It's been 10 years since I lived in my home town of Germantown and it was great to see some names on this list that I remember and miss.  I didn't see the first 100 so I apologize if my suggestions were on that list.  But when I am homesick these are the places that I miss the most!  Boss Hog Salad / Germantown Commissary.  The French Fries at Huey's The Alternative Pizza at Memphis Pizza Cafe (I know you have it listed but not that pizza)

    Ok and don't laugh but at 3 am when you need some good ole grease to get you through the night…… Nothing beats Kyrstal's!!!!

  6. […] and Stax and hopefully Gus‘ and Blue’s City and some other places that make this a tasty town. Apparently it’s been about five years since the group has been here, last playing to some […]

  7. Donald says:

    2nd the Italian Spinach at The Cupboard! It's a Memphis tradition!

  8. Len Cleavelin says:

    "14. Burger (fried in 100 year old grease) from Dyer's Hamburgers"

    Um… how did this not make the first "100 things to eat" list?

  9. Michael says:

    If you're a sushi fan, you've got to try the "Mexico Roll" from Sakura. It's so delicious! 


  10. Clyde says:

    BBQ egg rolls from Double J.  Have introduced many folks to them and all are fans.

  11. […] the past two years, Kerry has compiled two lists of 100 Things to Eat in Memphis, which I have printed out and have hanging on our fridge, serving as my culinary road map around […]

  12. Joe says:

    No Super Sub Shop sub?

  13. Elise says:

    Great list! How about making the name of the restaurant or source a hyperlink for the convenience of us lazy web surfers??

  14. Paul says:

    The Italian spinach at Half Shell

  15. Jay says:

    The K-pie at Paulette's

  16. Kirk Williams says:

    BBQ Spaghetti from The BBQ Shop on Madison

    BBQ Bologna Sanwich from Paynes

  17. Jordan says:

    One item missing … Memphis based Dinstuhl's Chocolate Covered Strawberrys!

  18. Kristen says:

    I moved to southern New England several years ago for work, and will return to Memphis sometime in early/mid-2015.  This blog has been such a great resource, and provides hours of "OMG I can't wait" excitement.  Thank you so much for reminding me why I love Memphis so much, and see y'all next year!

    BTW, the food up here cannot even begin to compare.

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