Tweets from Last Night: The Best from Game Four

Posted by Holly Whitfield | May 14th 2013 2697 0

Is anyone else having a hard time waking up after last night's playoff game between the Grizz and the OKC Thunder?

It was a late night rollercoaster of emotions: the terrible first half; the somewhat better third quarter; the fourth-quarter redemption; the overtime that had us all a little scared that it would turn into another three-overtime slumber party. I don't know what the aftermath of the game was like at the Forum, but at Alex's, there was a dance party to Chuck Berry's "Memphis, Tennessee".

Through the whole thing, you were tweeting. Here are some of the best tweets from last night's game. 

But first, check out this photo from @BwanaJ which proves that grit and grind can't be confined to land.

Photo by Sarah Dickert

And now, your tweets:


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  1. Caitlin says:

    Love these! Thanks for compiling them!!

  2. Marissa Lynn says:

    I love it! GO GRIZZ!

  3. Whitney says:

    I want that onesie!

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