Tweets from Last Night: All Good Things Must Come to an End

Posted by Holly Whitfield | May 28th 2013 1515 0


Let's all agree on one thing: it was a great season – the best season, really. One sucky series shouldn't take away all of the joy and excitement of these past few weeks.

This year's playoffs were Memphis at its finest, and not just on the court. It's been incredible, and I feel so lucky that we got to experience that kind of unified joy.

Photo by @katie_joy5

(Photo by @katie_joy5 via Instagram.)

So thank you, Grizz. Thank you for an epic few weeks of franchise history. Thank you for an incredibly fun season, and thank you for bringing us together. 

But before we hang our Growl Towels back on our walls and go back to not caring about sports until October, here's the last round-up of the best tweets from last night:


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