The Grizzlies, Summed Up in One Animated GIF

Posted by Memphis CVB | May 2nd 2013 3027 0

After repeatedly watching this animated GIF of the Grizzlies bench during game five of their playoff series against the Clippers, I've got one question: just where, exactly, is Tony Allen going?

(GIF by @HeyBelinda)

Here's what Grantland's Chris Ryan had to say about it:

"The fact that whatever happens on the court is so grimy, Tony Allen feels the need to wander off with that look on his face. Also, it looks like Z-Bo is using that cup as a dip-spitting receptacle, and the Keyon Dooling photo bomb in the back is Bosh-ian. But my favorite thing right here is the apparent difference between what Z-Bo is saying and what Jon Leuer is saying."

I think we can agree that this is the most Grizz thing ever, no?

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  1. Dana says:

    At one point during that game, he got an exercise band from a trainer and started doing some squats on the sideline. He's like a kid with ADHD, Tony just can't sit still. Love his energy and enthusiasm!

  2. Jarrod says:

    I'm mesmerized by the guy eating nachos next to Z-Bo's head.

  3. JR Kamra says:


  4. Andrew says:

    Tony likes to go over there and flex for the CA's photographer when something crunk happens.

  5. Jeremy says:

    The Dooling photobomb is the best! I'm pretty sure that the girl to the left of Ed Davis is Miranda Cosgrove from iCarly, and she is definitely wearing a "swag" shirt. This gif never ceases to give!

  6. SG says:

    This brings back good memories

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