Guest Post: Why are the Grizzlies so good?

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(Ed. Note: I'm happy to share this guest post about the Grizz from former NCAA basketball player Lamar Hull. Enjoy.)




The LA Clippers found out the hard way. They say that it's not a series until someone loses at home. After losing at home, even the most optimistic Clipper fans could see the end of their playoff run. After so much potential and highlights, fishing season came early after running into the tough Memphis Grizzlies.

Memphis is becoming a better team as we watch them play in each playoff game.The biggest challenge for opponents is trying to win in front of a pretty rowdy Memphis crowd.

So, why are the Grizzlies so good?

Randolph and Gasol

Stopping these two players is absolutely paramount. We understand that it's easier said than done. The newly minted Defensive Player of the Year combined with the raging bull in Randolph has been causing problems for a lot of NBA teams.


They gave the Thunder a lot of trouble, and every game it seemed like both of them could average a double-double. Randolph was absolutely unstoppable in the Clippers and Thunder’s series. 


Mike Conley has been playing well throughout the playoffs, and it was his 26 points, 10 rebounds, and 9 steals that lifted the Grizzlies past the Thunder in game 2 of that series. However, it always boils down to stopping the duo of Gasol and Randolph.

If you can stop these key players, the Grizzlies are a lot easier to manage. At the very least, you don't have to worry about getting killed on the boards. The Clippers or Thunder couldn’t do it.


Post-man Scoring

Gasol and Randolph also make tough acrobatic shots. The Grizzlies’ post players licked their chops when playing against Ibaka. Ibaka is very similar to DeAndre Jordan and Perkins wasn’t a scoring threat, so the 2 Thunder players had to defend very well and shut Memphis’s post-man duo down, but that series is over with so that tells you that the Thunder was not successful at stopping them. What is different about playing the Spurs is Tim Duncan. He's a scoring threat and can play exceptional defense at the age of 37.


The Grizzlies are That Good


The Clippers couldn’t handle the big presence of Gasol and Randolph and, without Russell Westbrook, the Thunder couldn’t either. The Grizzlies are down 0-2 to the Spurs, but if you haven’t noticed, Memphis has been in the playoffs consistently for the last few years.


They are definitely a team on the rise and you better believe it, they are that good and have become a playoff contender. The Grizzlies will not go down without a fight; that is what makes them good. This series has just begun.


About the author: Lamar Hull is a writer  and loves researching and writing topics about sports. He is a former NCAA basketball player and played at Davidson College. He also played professionally in Europe.


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