Eat This: Combo Duet No. 1 from Kabob International

Posted by Holly Whitfield | May 9th 2013 3455 0

(ed. note: I owe you guys a huge thank you. When I mentioned on Twitter that I was going to be out east this afternoon and needed a lunch recommendation, you guys came through with tons of suggestions. I wound up going to Kabob International, based on an enthusiastic recommendation from Jerry B.)

If you’re going to eat at a restaurant called Kabob International, you should probably order a kabob, even if the gyros sound really good. The owners must believe in their kabobs, because they didn’t name the restaurant Gyro International.

There are a few different kabob combos available, but I went with the first one (partially because the restaurant review that’s printed on the menu said it was good): chicken and Skokie beef, available in kabob, pita or plate format.

I went with the plate, which meant that the meat was served stick-less on a bed of aromatic rice.

Combo no. 1, Kabob International

Grilled chicken seems like it should be an easy thing to get right, but that’s not true. Too many times, grilled chicken comes out dry and sad. Not so at Kabob International. The chicken was moist and tender, but with just a tiny bit of grilled crunch on the edges. This is easily the best grilled chicken I’ve had since Stickem Truck.

The beef was ground beef, shaped into a log. Like the chicken, it was juicy and fall-apart tender. The meat, and thus, the rice underneath it, came topped with a mustard-based sauce. None of the food was spicy, but it is very well seasoned, so if that’s not your thing, you might want to skip Kabob International.

Wash it down with: the sweet iced Earl Grey tea. Imagine if your super southern grandma (you know, the one who puts a whole cup of sugar into her pots of tea) was from the Middle East. That’s what this tastes like.


Be sure to say hi to: the very friendly staff, including the owner, who came over and chatted with me when she saw that I was getting a to-go box. (I think she was worried that I didn’t get enough to eat. Not the case, as the portions are generous, I just wanted some for later.)

Go there:

Kabob International

8050 Dexter Road
Cordova, TN 38016
(901) 755-9385

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  1. Leefordlyle says:

    Have you tried the Chicken on a stick at the Grille on Lamar?  It's amazing!

  2. Grizzfan85 says:

    #15 Greek gyro lamb, with spicy fries. Best gyro I've had in Memphis. I guess I really should try a kabob though. The meat really is super tender. Now I'm hungry.

  3. stephen_od says:

    I am so glad you went there, one of my favorite places!

  4. Long live the guitar, thats all i gotta say.

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