Wednesday News Update: This is How We Do It Edition

Posted by Holly Whitfield | April 17th 2013 1739 0

Happy Wednesday, y'all.

Today in Memphis, we celebrate two birthdays, attempt to crown a king of Memphis and honor Boston with a run through Overton Park. Also, Tony Allen sings "This is How We Do It" at karaoke (and yes, there's video).

Photo by @chrismilammusic via Instagram

Today's photo is by local musician / man about town Chris Milam, who may or may not have willed 96x back into existence. If you'd like to see your Memphis Instagram photos featured on ILM, tag them #ilovememphis.

– Happy birthday, FedEx! Eat some cake in honor of the local logistics giant, which shipped its first package from Memphis 40 years ago today.

– You can also eat a cupcake for Cat Country. The Memphis Zoo's cat habitat turns 20 this week (and now I feel old).

– If you'd like to do something to show support for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, Breakaway Running is hosting a run in Overton Park on Thursday night. It's free to run, but any donations that are collected will be sent to Boston.

– I can't allow you to go the rest of your day without watching this video that Chris Vernon shot of Tony Allen singing "This is How We Do It" at his charity karaoke night last night.

– Good news, Southern people: we might not be as obese as past studies have shown. Also, we're more honest.

– Because Hog and Hominy owners Andy Ticer and Michael Hudman weren't doing enough great things already, they're planning to open a dive bar on Hog and Hominy's back patio.

– In Tiger basketball news, guard Joe Jackson is coming back for his senior season, and Antonio Barton (who graduates this summer) is transferring for his.

– Speaking of Kings of Memphis, JenSized has created some nice Memphis-inspired "Game of Thrones" images for three of our local kings. Alas, she left out Jerry "the King" Lawler. (Also, DJ Paul makes barbecue sauce?)

-Good luck to the Grizzlies in their last game of the regular season tonight. A few Memphis landmarks are already gearing up for the playoffs, which start on April 20.

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  1. Michael Belk says:

    The bombing in Boston was terrible. We are again reminded of how fragile life is and people who are out harm Americans.

    Like the President says, I hope the perpetrators are found and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    But I needed to see something as funny as Tony Allen just being casual and having fun.

    We are bruised, but not down. The American people will struggle through this tragedy with the utmost pride.

    I hate to see anyone ruin a good time for someone else.

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