Wednesday News Update: Tastiest Town, Tarik Black, Restaurant Jobs and a Parking Garage

Posted by Holly Whitfield | April 10th 2013 1872 0

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: it's Memphis news update time.

Today, we find out that Tarik Black is leaving the U of M, we're not the Tastiest Town, and Phil from "Duck Dynasty" is coming to visit. Also, a new restaurant is hiring, a parking garage is being debated for Cooper-Young, and we've unearthed footage of one of the greatest mayoral debates of all time.

But first, check out this modified stop sign, spotted in one of the neighborhoods south of U of M by longtime ILM friend Alex M.

Photo by Alex McPeak, used with permission

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– Spring has finally arrived in Memphis, and it's coated the whole city in a thin layer of bright green pollen. If you, like everyone in my house, are allergic to all of the season's glory, I recommend two things: Zyrtec and the Allergy Advisor app, which uses GPS to give local pollen count and weather updates.

– Alas, Memphis, we are not the Tastiest Town in the South. Despite all of our votes, Southern Living has awarded the honor to Durham, N.C. because…Durham? Really?

– In a press conference held in his living room yesterday, U of M junior center Tarik Black announced his plan to transfer from the Tigers. Here's hoping he finds what he's looking for wherever he ends up.

– Need a job? The Corked Carrot, a new dessert and wine restaurant on S. Main, is looking for a cashier, servers and an assistant manager.

– There's a proposal on the table to put a giant parking garage in Cooper-Young. As you can imagine, locals have a lot of feelings about this.

– Ahem. Phil from "Duck Dynasty" is coming to Millington.

– In local music news, Valerie June got some sweet TV exposure at the ACM Awards. Also, somehow I've just now found out that Grace Askew is on this season of The Voice.

– Lastly, here's a video of a Memphis mayoral debate, featuring Prince Mongo (goggles and all). Blogsend, the YouTube user who posted it, is looking out for your best interests. He writes: "I did the best I could to edit this down to 10 minutes without losing any of the hilarity."

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  1. its a really good news for Menphis area people, who interested a job for restaurant.great news for them.

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