Tuesday News Update: Three Bits of Restaurant News, Two Three 6 Mafia Interviews and One Pet Snake

Posted by Holly Whitfield | April 16th 2013 1573 0

Happy Tuesday, y'all.

Today in Memphis, we've got three bits of restaurant news, an interview with DJ Paul, a screening of the White House's Memphis Soul Concert, and a unique approach to an awkward etiquette situation. All of that and more (including a pet snake) is in today's Memphis news update.

But first, check out this photo that @themattfinch got of the Grizzlies' drum line playing for the hordes of people on Beale Street before the game on Saturday.

Photo by @themattfinch

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– First, my heart goes out to everyone in Boston today. I can't say anything that anyone hasn't said yet, so I recommend reading Patton Oswalt's thoughts on the situation (warning: there's just a bit of foul language).

– In restaurant news, Southern Belle is moving downtown, Lavoro's Italian restaurant is closing on June 22, and Memphis Stew has a preview of the menu for Jerry Lee Lewis' new place on Beale.

– If you missed the Memphis Soul concert at the White House, or just want to see it on the big screen, there's a free showing at the Paradiso tonight at 6:30 (doors open at 5:30 p.m.) You can reserve tickets here.

– University of Memphis president Shirley Raines is retiring in June after 12 years in the position. The Daily Helmsman's story on the subject is currently winning the Silly Headline Pun of the Week award.

– A few weeks ago, the Flyer inteviewed Three 6 Mafia's Gangsta Boo. This week, they've got an interview with DJ Paul. I sincerely hope that Juicy J is next.

– What do you do when you're acting in a play, and someone's cell phone won't stop ringing? Right or wrong, here's an account of one Memphis actor's approach.

– Lastly, this guy is looking for the girl who was walking her pet snake around Midtown over the weekend. I don't think it's a euphemism.

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  1. Jarrod says:

    The rumor I overheard (from a Lavoro's employee a few weeks ago) was that they were looking to move to Midtown. Maybe that has changed, but it would be nice to have another affordable Italian place this side of the Loop.

  2. Shelly B. says:

    I hope the guy looking for "the girl with the pet snake" finds her. I was walking along with a girlfriend at the Festival and was extremely startled to literally turn to the side and see a "large snake" draped around a girl's shoulder about 3 feet from me and looking my way.  Then I ran into a big "Grizzly" next, but I didn't object to being hugged by the Grizzly, even gota cute photograph from it.

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