Car Sharing Could Come to Memphis This Year

Posted by Holly Whitfield | March 7th 2013 3708 0

Let's face it: getting around Memphis without a car can be kind of tough. It could get easier this year, though, if a resolution allowing car sharing services is passed by the City Council.

If it passes, services like ZipCar, which allow customers to rent cars for short-term errands could move into downtown Memphis.


(Note: your ZipCar will not look like this.)

ZipCar's rates seem designed for people living in dense urban areas who only occasionally need cars. I pulled the rates for New York City, and there are two plans: an "occasional driver" plan allows people to pay an annual membership fee ($60 plus $25 application fee) and then an hourly or day rate, and the regular user plan is $50 per month for more regular use (with no annual fee).

While Rhodes College has ZipCar service available for their students, it would be really nice to see car sharing come to Downtown (or midtown).

Car sharing would also be incredibly helpful to people visiting Memphis who don't want to rent a car for several days (or don't realize that it can be tough to see everything in the city without one). Short-term rental cars would allow visitors to see more of the city in an affordable, convenient way, especially if they already had a  ZipCar membership in their hometown.

What do you think about car sharing in Memphis? Would you use it?



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  1. This would be so great for students and new well as for tourism.

  2. If this comes to downtown, I'd sell my car to use this exclusively. I only drive once or twice a week anyway, this would be much more affordable.

  3. Abby Wilson says:

    This would be amazing for Memphis. I lived in the city for 3 years without a vehicle and it was incredibly difficult, so this would be fantastic.

  4. Gary Crosby says:

    Just to clarify, on their website, the regular user plan is not for unlimited driving, it is $50 prepaid and then pay as you go but on a discounted rate plan vs the "occasional driver" plan; both are by the hour or day.

  5. Memphis Belle says:

    This would be fabulous for tourists that stay Downtown and just need a car to go to Graceland, the zoo or a museum.

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