Ask Tony Allen Anything During Our Live Chat at 10:30 Today

Posted by Holly Whitfield | March 28th 2013 6209 0

Do you have questions for Tony Allen? Good – here's your chance to get answers from the Grindfather himself.

We're hosting a live Google Hangout with our civic spirit animal, Memphis Grizzlies' guard Tony Allen.

Memphis Grizzlies Practice

(Joe Murphy/NBAE/Getty Images.)

At 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 28th, Tony Allen is going to answer your questions in a live video chat that will be broadcast here and on

Now kick back, relax, and watch the Grindfather answer your questions with Pete Pranica and I:



Here's the catch: if you want Tony to answer your questions, you have to submit them in advance. Leave them in the comments, and we'll get to as many as we have time for during the chat.

Ask him anything – about basketball, his Twitter account, his favorite foods, whatever – then tune in here on Thursday, March 28th at 10:30 a.m. for the answers.

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  1. rachel says:

    What is your favorite thing about Memphis, the city? 

  2. Joe Martini says:


    Please ask the Grindfather, 

    Does he play the same music before a game or does he change it up, and what songs really pump his pregame??

  3. @fantasyrideout says:

    Question for Tony Allen


    I've seen a few t-shirts around town and at games that read "Tony Allen killed Bin Laden"

    Is this True?

    If so can you describe the experience?

    Thanks – @fantasyrideout


  4. Chris Bruno says:


    What part(s) of the Grizzlies game needs to get better before the playoffs? What part(s) of your game do you need to fine tune before the playoffs?

    Go Grizz


  5. Chris Bruno says:


    What player in the NBA do you hate to guard and what player in the NBA do you love to guard?



  6. Katie McLemore says:

    I love following you on twitter! What is your favorite response you have ever gotten on there?

  7. Bob says:

    Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

  8. Andrew Everett says:

    Do you have a favorite restaurant in Memphis? Or multiple favorite restaurants?

  9. 1. I love that you are so involved in the community? Which organizations do you enjoy supporting, and why?

    2. What's your favorite dance move?

  10. Daniel Studdard says:

    When you are guarding Caron Butler, which eye do you look at?  Part 2: Do you think that Flop City is an accurate term or do you see it differntly?

  11. Nancy Callahan says:

    Dear Tony,

    I love what you are doing in Memphis and Chicago for your camps.

    Question 1:  Do you plan to continue that and will you consider doing a "free" camp in Stillwater, also?  There are quite a few kids in Stillwater who don't have the money to attend camps, too.  (if the word gets out quick enough).  

    Anyway, your fans in Stillwater are proud of what you have accomplished, on the court and off.  Also, we're excited that you are teaching the defense that Coach Sutton and Coach Iba were known for…

    Question 2: Have you thought about coaching when you retire?  You would be good at it!

    Get a championship for Memphis!



  12. Meg says:

    What song are you going to perform at the karaoke night for your charity at the Kroc Center?

    Can you tell Jerryd Bayless that meghugs says HEY?

  13. Asher says:


    Do you think you'll stay in Memphis after your contract expires? Please say yes.


  14. Mike horner says:


    first thing, thanks for helping define the grizzlies' culture and mentality. 

    my question:

    When playing in Chicago (being your hometown) where is a must visit place for you? (Restaurant, store, etc.)

  15. Frank says:

    What is your favorite place to get chicken wings?

  16. Chris says:


    What do you feel is your defining moment as a Grizzly?



  17. Anthony Siracusa says:

    Tony! Where do you get your energy night in and night out to remain so ferocious on the court?  what is your inspiration!?

  18. Dawn says:

    What if anything as surprised you most about Tayshaun Prince as a teammate rather than as an opponent?

  19. Rob says:

    Where are we gonna see you sittin when Future comes to town on August 14th?

  20. Kevin says:

    Since you've started for the Grizz the last couple years, you've had amazing energy & leadership. Who or What motivates you to go out there night after night and give it as much an effort as you do?   We Appreciate You! 

  21. Harlan Hutton says:

    will you #UnblockHannah? She's the bongo lady's daughter!

  22. Hannah says:

    will you please unblock me on twitter? I'm the daughter of the bongo lady! @hannahmeacham17

  23. Harlan Hutton says:

    You should #UnblockHannah! She's a big fan and you blocked her!

  24. Kris aka AM3 says:

    Hey Kerry, Tony and Pete!

    Just a quick question: I can clearly tell you love Memphis and the team, but who would YOU love to have on the Memphis team in order to take the team further?  Who do you feel could be the secret catalist for the Grizzlies?

    Grizz 4 Life,

    Your #1 Fan across the pond!


  25. Mike says:

    No one is as great as you at Twitter, but what NBA player's Twitter do you like the most besides yours?

  26. MARCOLEE says:

    TONY, your great defense impresses me a lot!

    How do you feel with the MEMPHIS in this season?

    Also, how long could memphis go in playoffs?


  27. Kevin says:

    Y'all answer some of the stupidest questions that have nothing to do with anything. I've been a fan of TA since day 1 & he don't even have enough respect for me to answer 1 question.  Its cool. It just shows the real Tony Allen!

  28. Do you plan on returningto the grizzlies

  29. chatters says:

    that i would like it! Thanks Admin..

  30. rebecca says:

    tony whats your favorite thing about your daugther? Whats one favorite thing you guys did together that you love?

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