Soul Mate Dream Date Finalists: Vote for the Winner

Posted by Holly Whitfield | February 11th 2013 5878 0

More than 120 couples entered the Soul Mate Dream Date contest to win a cutsom Memphis date. I've narrowed the field down to five finalists, and now it's your turn to pick the winner.

Dream Date Contest, Memphis, Tenn.

There were so many good stories, and choosing five was tough. I really enjoyed reading all of your stories about your sweethearts – you guys are seriously lucky.

Thanks to everyone who voted. I'm happy to announce that the winners of the dream date are Catherine and Kevin, who won with 33 percent of the vote. Congrats, you crazy kids!

Here's what's at stake: a custom Memphis dream date, including dinner for two, an activity and a night's stay at the Westin Memphis Beale Street.

Now let's meet the finalists:

Couple no. 1: Jeff and Annie

Jeff and Annie met when they both worked at the Movie and Pizza Co. in Harbortown (she was a server, he was a delivery driver). Years after they worked together, they finally hit it off while singing karaoke at Yosemite Sam's. Jeff wrote the entry, and he loves Annie's caring and encouraging nature (she's a teacher) and her sense of humor.

On their dream date, they want to: take a ride in the American Dream Safari Cadillac and have dinner at Itta Bena.

Couple no. 2: Surjit and Nimmi

This is too sweet. Surjit and Nimmi's story was submitted by their son J.R. They met in India in1969, when he was a student and she was a nurse, after Surjit's family told him they had a woman they'd like him to meet. "Having somewhat of an arranged marriage, my parents were able to learn to love each other after the fact of being married and not before," J.R. wrote. "Their marriage is one that has evolved from not only learning about a new person and being in a new country and culture, to a marriage where two people have truly found their best friend, companion and confidant. This past January, my parents celebrated their 44th anniversary."

On their dream date, they want to: Have drinks at a nice cocktail bar, go to dinner and have some quiet time alone together.

Couple no. 3: Catherine and Kevin

Catherine and Kevin's busy work schedules kept them from being able to meet many dateable people. They found each other on about a year ago, and it's been love ever since. Catherine, who works as a pediatric doctor, describes her music professor partner this way: "As you might not imagine of someone who plays the tuba, Kevin is handsome, well-dressed, ambitious, and suave". She loves his goofy sense of humor, his involvement in his work, and the way that he always makes time for her.

On their dream date, they want to: have dinner at Iris, Flight or Paulettes and then go to a musical at the Orpheum.

Couple no. 4: Danielle and Allyson

Danielle and Allyson met in a college dorm, where they initially bonded over their favorite websites. Danielle admires Allyson's drive, her smile, and her shy streak.

On their dream date, they'd like to: Danielle said it best – " I would like the opportunity to take her somewhere where she (Allyson) feels appreciated. Because we are both in college, it's hard for me to be able to do these things and it would be great if I could do that for her because she works so hard all the time."

Couple no. 5: Cynthia and Nick

Nick and Cynthia met for the first time at the Cooper-Young Regional Beer Festival, but, because it's a drinking festival, Cythnia's memory of their first encounter is a little blurry. They met for the first time again a few weeks after the festival, at the home of a mutual friend. She loves the way that he's always wanted to include her in his plans and that he's committed, respectful, motivated and honest.

On their dream date, they'd like to: have dinner downtown at a local restaurant and then see some live music. They're homebrewers and craft beer enthusiasts, so a good beer list is a must.

You can vote for your favorite couple once per day until 12 p.m. on Feb. 14. The couple with the most votes at that time will win the prize. Happy voting!

Edit: I fixed the glitch in the poll that was allowing multiple votes from different browsers. If you vote more than once now, it'll say "thank you, your vote has already been counted" and will not count the any votes past the first one.


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  1. Ann Langston says:

    Jeff and Annie love everyone and need a special date to celebrate their lovin' each other too!

  2. John Winter says:

    um, each browser can tally a vote. What im trying to get at — you can easily tally 15 to 20 votes per person. I just managed 6 votes across 2 devices on the same connection.


    sure seems way too easy to abuse….

  3. Danielle Williams says:

    I'm so excited to be one the top 5!!! You guys rock and I am so appreciative of this opportunity. Thank you guys so much for the consideration!!! I know that this surprise will be one that she will never forget!

  4. M says:

    This is so sweet! To the editor, though: Catherine is a pediatric resident (a doctor), not a nurse.

  5. Catherine says:

    Pediatric doctor (I am, in fact, a doctor, not a nurse) and  tuba doctor– you know that's a winning combination!

  6. […] contest, and I could use some help from the homebrew community! So if you all could vote here, I'd really appreciate it. You're supporting craft and home brewing (somehow lol). Anyways, she […]

  7. Danielle Williams says:

    Two college kids working towards a dream? That would be us. Thanks for all the votes! We appreciate everyone of you guys!

  8. Lee and Susan Hulett says:

    A match made in Heaven, lots of love, respect and more love!! Great parents too!

    How can you not love them, as they love each other.

  9. P Singh says:

    J R is such a sweet child for caring for such wonderful couple, they two are so adorable together.

    Wow 44 years together so great


  10. Nick says:

    Funny, I found out about this while doing none other than……….brewing on my day off.

    Glad to see we made it!


  11. Erica says:

    Jeff and Annie deserve this! 

  12. Cynthia says:

    Thank you so much for all the love! ♥ We're excited to be a finalist! 

  13. Yvonne Larid says:

    Annie and Jeff are very deserving of such an honor!

  14. Neeraj says:

    I grew up around Surjit and Nimmi. They are role models for the Memphis community. Amazing couple!

  15. Christine says:

    so excited about cynthia and nick! the story is super cute hahaha 

  16. Donna says:

    Go Catherine and Kevin.  We love you and you contribute so much to your community!

  17. Rob says:

    Jeff and Annie, for sure!

  18. Annie says:

    Catherine and Kevin are the sweetest. They totally deserve a fun night out!

  19. Holly says:

    Jeff and Annie, for sure!  I don't think I've seen a more perfectly sweet couple. 

  20. Jo Ann says:

    Kevin is a great person! Catherine and Kevin needs to win this! 

  21. tammy says:

    Jeff and Annie really need and deserve this.


  22. Liz says:

    Catherine & Kevin all the way!

  23. Maggie Marshall says:

    Annie and Jeff deserve a mini "Honeymoon" two of the most hard working folks and are wonderful parents.

  24. JR Kamra says:

    As the son who wrote the story for my parents (couple #2), I would like to extend congrats on from myself and on behalf of my parents to Catherine & Kevin. May your lives be filled with the same amount of happiness and joy that my parents have experienced for the past 44 years and counting. Cheers!!


  25. Catherine says:

    Wow, what an honor! Thank you Kerry, and thank you everyone who voted! Congrats to the other 4 couples; you all sound like fantastic pairs of lovebirds! May you have a very Happy Valentine's Day with the one you love!

  26. Cynthia says:

    Congratulations, Catherine and Kevin! Enjoy your date and have a wondeful Valentine's Day! 

  27. Shana Hill says:

    Although I'm sure the winners are as worthy as anyone, I don't like the way they won.  It wasn't the couple, but Kevin's aunt did something I think is unfair to the others.  She is a member of a very large message board, and asked people to vote for Catherine and Kevin.  And people did.  Not because they read the stories and made a decision on which one they liked best, but voted for the win because, well, why not?  This gives an unfair advantage to one entry over another as there are several thousand members on that forum.  It's ballot-stuffing rather than voting for a favorite, and I think it stinks.

  28. Shana Hill says:

    I voted for Surjit and Nimmi.  I thought their story was the best and showed an enduring love, a love that grew within the marriage, and being married 44 years is really something great.

  29. YAZED says:

    I voted for Cynthia and Nick. Good luck:)

  30. Noah says:

    Catherine and Kevin

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