Rock’n’Dough Pizza Truck Opens a Non-Mobile Location

Posted by Holly Whitfield | February 13th 2013 4310 0

Rock'n'Dough Pizza, which has been one of my favorite Memphis food trucks, has opened a stationary restaurant in East Memphis. As much as I love catching the truck version of Rock'n'Dough at the downtown farmers market, it's nice to know that now, I can get their pizza whenever a craving strikes.*

I stopped by the new space (which is located in the old Yolo space at Ridgeway and Park) for dinner last night.

The restaurant isn't very big – there are only six tables – but it's clean and bright with lots of red paint, polished wood and chrome.

You can order pizza by the slice, just like you can from the truck, or by the whole pie. Rock'n'Dough has all of the usual pizza offerings, plus a handful of speciality pies. They're working on a few menu changes, like the addition of appetizers and desserts, that will happen in the next few weeks.


It's worth noting that Rock'n'Dough has not one, but two vegan cheese options, as well as a vegan version of their red sauce (which is normally made with cheese). They're also close to perfecting a gluten free version of their delicious, sturdy-but-not-chewy crust.

I ordered a small, whole Fun Guy Pie, which comes with fontina cheese and slices of white and portobello mushrooms ($17).

When it came to the table, I was a little shocked. I expect a small pizza to be about 10 inches, a size that's sharable for two not very hungry people or just right for one normally hungry person. This thing, however, was massive. Like, Papa John's large pizza massive. Based on its girth and quality, paying $17 for it is incredibly reasonable.

The pizza was like a movie pizza. The cheese pulled between slices like hot strings, the mushrooms were thick sliced and not at all overcooked, and the slightly sweet tomato sauce had plenty of thyme.


Since the pizza was so huge, I took quite a bit of it home. I'm pleased to report that it's just as delicious cold as it is hot (which is the mark of a truly wonderful pizza).

Rock'n'Dough Pizza's standing location is open daily for lunch and dinner. If you're near Rock'n'Dough during lunch, they've got a salad-and-slice deal that starts at $6 for a cheese slice and goes to $8 for a slice with more than one topping.

*Rock'n'Dough is still planning to operate their truck, even during times when the restaurant is open.

Go there:

Rock'n'Dough Pizza

1243 Ridgeway
Memphis, TN 38119
(901) 435-6238

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  1. Katie says:

    Went here with some coworkers the other day. Was a bit on the expensive side, but they had a nice selection. The restaurant doesn't have much seating though, so we luckily grabbed a table when a group was leaving. I think it has potential but isn't quite there yet.

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